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Wow. I haven't really written anything in here since I first started lurking on this page back in '03. Yeah. A full decade ago. I'm old. Anyways, I decided to keep what I wrote there to remind myself how much I've changed - which is somehow both a lot and not at all.

Looking through it, though, I find it hilarious. First of all it says my name and where I'm from - both of which were not quite true at the time, as I had just moved to a different state and was in denial about not being in New Hampshire anymore. They certainly are not true now that I'm graduating from college in one week exactly (I'm bored with having turned in my finals, but not having enough energy to do anything else. So, updating my profile sounded like something to amuse myself without having to concentrate).

Also said I was 16, which was a flat out lie. I was 13 and thought 16 sounded more mature. Right now I'm just very glad I'm neither 13 or 16 ... or any teen really. :)

Being a prolific reader and movie watcher with a wide variety of tastes, and having been on this site for a ridiculously long time for someone my age (almost half my life. Seriously.), it makes sense that I'd have a massive amount of favorite stories spanning a lot of different categories. I've also got a lot of favorite pairings withing those categories. Maybe I should go through them all just to remind myself about the awesomeness of each fanbase and each couple within it, and have my reminiscing about when I got involved with each category (I blame the fact that I'm about to graduate and it's making me all nostalgic and shit.) I'll make it easy on myself and do it in alphabetical order. Okay, here we go:

24: 24 is a great show that, though I was sad to see end, I also thought made the right decision. Some shows today just don't know when to stop and just get either repetitive and boring or completely unrealistic. As for fics in this category I love action and adventure more so than drama and romance, and I always
like a good friendship fic. Romance is pretty good too - as long as it's either a one-shot or not the focus of a whole chapter fic. I just can't picture Jack being extremely romantic. I probably started getting into this fandom after season 5 or something along those lines. I don't really remember?

Jack/Chloe: It's my OTP for this category. It's the only one I'll read. Come on, who else has had his back since season 3? Besides Chloe can do anything and is probably one of the only ones Jack actually listens to and respects - the end of Season 8 really showcased that. As a part of that, I'm not really a fan of Chloe and her husband, and any of Jack's relationships - particularly Audrey. I'm not against any pairing enough to put the in my hated pairings list.

A Cinderella Story: Apparently I have one of these in my favorites. Huh. Must have watched the movie and was wanting to see if there was any good fics on it. I don't really have any preferences in this category about genres or couples at the moment.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: And I'm talking the old-school original cartoon and movie (The chipmunk adventure rocks!), not these new movies which are just weird. I'm not too picky about the types of fics in this category either.

Brittany/Alvin: probably the only pairing I'd actually read. All that arrogance in one relationship is bound to make for some fun reading. I do like Simon/Janet and Eleanor/Theodore, but I wouldn't read a fic written solely about them.

Angel: I love the Buffy and Angel Series sooooo much. It's one of my favorites! The characters and universe are just so much fun to play around in. Although that's true for pretty much anything Joss Whedon writes. My head canon stops when Angel series 5 ends, so I don't really count the comic books. I'll read pretty much any type of fic in either this or the Buffy verse. I love continuations of the series, and there are some that are truly excellent on this site. I also like a lot of pairings in these categories, and don't really hate any of them. Because of that I'll only list my favorite ones (i.e., the ones I'll read fics based one, and not just background couples that I like). I change around my favorites all the time, and unlike 24 there is no OTP for me. I also like some pretty crack pairings A LOT. :) You'll probably see some overlap with some of the pairings when I write the Buffy part. Also, most of my favorite pairings focus on either Angel or Spike. It's nice to have guys be the fandom's bike for once instead of some poor girl.

Angel(us)/Buffy: Yep. It's the original. Hard not to be a fan of it.

Angel/Cordy: I was expecting to hate it, but the way it was done really did seem very sweet. Besides, I'm hardly a purist (read: Buffy and Angel must always belong only to each other.) It's hard to find good fics with these two as a main couple, though I have found a few.

Angel/Faith: I do like the Faith and Angel dynamic, but it's not my absolute favorite. I'd read a fic focused on them, but it'd have to be well written and have a good plot. When a pairing is my favorite, than I'm not nearly so picky.

Angel(us)/Willow: One of my big crack pairings. Also one of my all time favorite pairings. I don't know why. I just really like the two together. I just really like Willow period.

Spike/Buffy: Yeah. My preference on whether or not Buffy fits with Angel or Spike varies on what mood I'm in. I hated how their relationship was played out in the series, but I love both the characters and the chemistry they had. Oh well, that's what fanfiction is for, huh?

Spike/Faith: Like with the Angel/Faith, it'd have to be well written, but I do like the bit of chemistry between them.

Spike/Willow: Right up there with my Angel/Willow. I can't decide which one I like her best with. Yeah - I know, complete crack.

Angel/Willow/Spike: As I made clear, for some reason I love both crack pairings, and everyone knows Angel and Spike have history. This is my OT3 in both the Angel and Buffy verse. I don't know why I love them together so much, but I really do.

Avatar: The Last Airbender:One of my absolute favorite fandoms. I love the universe so much, and the concepts. Perhaps my favorite American cartoon ever! :) I also like all of the adventure inherent in it. I'm a pretty strict in my pairings here too.


Hi... I guess you might want to know about me huh? we'll if you do, go to my myspace the link is right below! leave me a comment or become my friend if you have myspace too

we'll i'm 16 and live in New Hampshire.

i luv Harry Potter fics! my fav ships are:

Hermione/Sirius (if it's well written)



Hermione/Harry (sometimes)

these are ships i don't like:

Ginny/Draco (it's okay sometimes)




I luv story's with either Hermione or Lily as the main Character.

Another different fanfiction i like is Tamora Pierce.

I like the ships:



In Digimon my favorite ships are:

Sorato (Yama and Sora My fav)

Ryuki( Ryo and Rika, My otherfav)

Takari (T.K. and Kari)

Henry/Rika are okay together too!

In DBZ i like these ships:


Bra/Goten or Bra/17 or Bra/ Uub too.


In Inuyasha i like






I also love Teen Titans fics

my fav. couple is:


i've recently gotten into Riddick adn The fast and the furious stories, so my favortie pairings for those are:

Riddick/Jack(or Kyra) (Riddick)

Dom/Letty (tFatF)

and my Lost pairings are:

Jate (Jack/Kate)

Skate(Kate/Sawyer if its well written)

and Shayid (Sayid and Shannon)

I love lord of the rings, especially stories that center around the friendship of Aragorn and Legolas, but a legomance is always good ifit's well written. Stories with just the twins and legolas are also interesting, or just twin fics: you can't get enough of the El's!

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