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SaltTahneeBran PM
Joined Jul '12

Hey there! I'm Tahnee, I live in Australia and I'm a massive Big Time Rush fan! I'm 19 years old and I love writing stories!

Bare with me, cause i'm still getting the hang of using this sight!

Here's some stuff about me...

Name: Tahnee
Age: Nineteen

Best Friend: I have heaps!

Favorite Color: Crimson Red and Electric Blue

Favorite Number: Thirteen

Favorite Food: Barbecue ribs and mashed potato!

Favorite BTR Boy: Logan

Least Favorite BTR Boy: hahahahhaha

Favorite Pairing:Jendall

Favorite Bromance: KOGAN!

Favorite BTR Episode: Big Time Move (never laughed so hard in my life) or Big Time Secrets

Least Favorite BTR Episode:

Hobbies: Writing, Reading and Fangirling

Country: Australia

State: Queensland

Languages: English and German

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