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Hey everyone! My name is Jayde and I live in.. well I can't tell you that! I'm 13 years old, and being one of the cool kids I ride an emu to school. I'm in mainly one fandom: The Hunger Games. District 12. I'm vegetarian and I do dancing.

I will be creating a tumblr soon dedicated to the Hunger Games.

Hunger Games Pairings:

Cato/Clove: I SHIP THEM SO HARD! They are my second favourite pairing, after Prato, the only couple that makes me sob.

Katniss/Peeta: Until I discovered Cato/Clove they were my favourite couple. I still love them though.

Finnick/Annie: What better person to sate her insanity than the most charming man in all of Panem?

Cato/Prim: An odd pairing. I first fell in love with this couple when I read "Panem's Angel" by ABirdySong. I love them so much I'm writing a fanfiction about them. Prato for lyfe.

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