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Goblin Queen22
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-My name is Nicolle.
-I am obsessed with the Labyrinth, I love everything about it.
-I love David Bowie, he is so great.
-I am an artist. I print pictures of the Labyrinth and redraw them, I have seven so far.
-I have a power point presentation with 49 slides, of pitures from the movie. All different. I have the CD and listen to it everyday.
-I wake up to it, sleep to it, and any time I can listen to it -inbetween then, I do. I have had it since december and I listen to it so much that I am actually wearing it out. I have to buy a new one.
-I am seventeen. I have brown hair, blue eyes. My nephew when he saw the movie, he actually thought that I looked like Sarah! Which my parents think so too.
-I am tall, and slender.
-I love track (the sport)
-I sing
-I love writting poems, and songs.
-My favorite food is, corn on the cob.
-My favorite movie is the Labyrinth (Of course!)
-I am a mirror twin, and my twin sister's name is Danielle. A mirror twin is when you and your twin are opposites. I.e. I am lefty and my sister is righty. When we were growing up, I would loose teeth on my left side first, and my sister would loose the same tooth on the right side. And when we bruised ourselves (not purposely though) I would bruise on the left side and she would bruise on the right side. The reason why it is "mirror" is because if you stand face to face with someone your left hand is opposite the other person's right hand, like in a mirror.
-I am 1 of 5 children
-I have three nephews and two nieces.
-I have a dog named Sheena, she is half colly, and half shepard.
And yeah I think that's good for now! :)
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