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Well I'll be a monkey's you-know-what: I can actually put up an awards section. Props to the Daria fandom for feeding my ego like I'm some sort of sultan.

Co-Named "Favorite New Author" at the 2016 Daria Fanworks Awards

Nominated for Favorite Overall Work ("The More Things Change"), Favorite Drama ("The More Things Change"), Favorite Crossover ("Dying in a Nightmare" - crossed over with Thomas Ligotti's work), Favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy/Supernatural/Horror ("Dying in a Nightmare" and "Sirens of Conformity"), Favorite Character Development/Redevelopment/Growth ("Dying in a Nightmare", for Jake), Favorite Weird Idea ("Children's Author Banned From Every Library in America"), and won Favorite Comedy ("Children's Author Banned From Every Library in America") and Favorite Pre-canon of Post-canon ("Children's Author Banned From Every Library in America") at the 2017 Daria Fanworks Awards.

Thank ya kindly to all the voters who let me fill this section out.

Praise for the author:

"Nope, sorry sweetie, but I didn't like it. “I've actually had this idea rumbling around in my head for a while”. Oh, I bet you did. Thing is, sweetie, in your head is where it should've stayed, because this story of yours is garbage. There, I said it.
The writing was pure and utter trash. Let's take a closer look at this sentence, for example:

“He pounced from his position and landed on the hood of the cruiser, cackling and waving an oversized silver revolver, tapping on the window like he was a lost puppy begging to be let in.”

Urgh... that's gotta be one of the worst similes I've ever fucking read. Absolutely dreadful.
Also, your characterisation is totally abhorrent and especially Batman appears to be all over the fucking place.
And then there's this sentence: “"No fair!" he said, pointing. "That's a literal Deus Ex Machina!” Urgh. Seriously, listen to me, sweetie: Writing something moronic and then acknowledging it's stupid doesn't absolve you of any guilt. If you agree that something in your story is shit (and this particular part really is shit), try and fucking fix it! Using Deus Ex Machinas is something only hack authors do. Now, sweetie, do you want to be a hack author? No? Well, then try harder, for fuck's sake!

Now that I'm done reviewing your actual “story”, I'd like to take the time to applaud you for choosing such a magnificently moronic pen name. Yes, I can picture you in my head right now, sitting in front of your fifteen year old boxy computer screen in some Canadian hinterland slum and going “OAH, CLEVER!” at the idea of calling yourself “enter your desired username". How pitiful..."-Zonnenkreeger (Highlighted because this is my new favorite. I love everything about this review. Finally, someone out there actually gets me!)

"[The artist formerly known as] Enter your desired username is a bitch. Go bag on on a deserving story you no talent hack. Push your bullshit someplace else" -Guest

"You know if you have no intention of finishing this story why bother with it loser .in the future don't bother to write anymore ahole"- Guest

"I came here for fluff and love stories. I did not come here for leftwing social-political satire. Keep your politics to yourself and don't write Diana off as some American Democrat." -Darius

"Pretty dumb. You've distilled a chapter full of hope and made SM into a whiner (his life is just beginning that was made clear in the book but you define his happiness and his future by a love interest?) because you're a hater. Yeah good thing you never wrote it." -Guest

"read and re-read your notes: hypocrite much?" -eydu

"Dumb"- Guest

"Seriously? Can't stop shaking my head. Not even taking the time to read the Alfred bit. What a shame." -disappointed

"U do realise that ww finger will kill batman how does they to" -Ag

"U do realise that ww finger will kill" -Ag

"Batman with daughter of zeus is like mouse under the mountain, the new 52 is doing perfectly sm and ww are perfect for each other, .ww need a strong man who can take care of her in every ways, who make her a woman, who can take care of diana not as angel and superman also need a strong woman who loves clark ,kal not only superman like lois lane
power couple is perfect and for the last time superman is more humanity comes from his parent not a bitch like lois lane" -Ag (my biggest fan)

"Eat a dick." -Donald J. Trump

As you can see, I'm a very popular person.

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