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I love to write and I am a fan of many things. I makes since that I would start writing fan fiction.

I also have an account on deviantart where I post fanfiction and original work. Just search angiee45 and you will find me. Check me out on deviantart if you like what you see here.

For all the years I have been on this site I have had a sparse profile. I read other profiles and some folks almost write books about themselves. Because of this I have decided to write a little more about me. This poem was part of a project for school. The format was given to my class and this is what I cam up with.

Where I'm From

I am from chicken stews
With too much salt
Cow tongue
Mommy didn't know what she ate
Sweet potatoes, corn bread and fried chicken
I am from soul food

I am from the 14th floor
Where we watched heaven and earth
Where it snowed and rained at once
Where lighting strikes in the distance

I am from Tess and Roberto
Love turned angry
And fights never forgiven

I am from Slave, Indian, and European
Jamaican and African
I am from brown eyes and Jerry Curls
I am from "Mommy why" and
"Child because"

I am from my mother's faith
Psalm 91
Thou shalt not be afraid
"Mommy tell the flint harp sackbut story"

I am from the classic soul of black music
And the jazz my mom listens to
I sing to Garth Brooks and the Backstreet Boys

I am from the city of brotherly love
Cheese steaks and hoagies
The liberty bell and Independence Hall
My home
My heart
My city
I am from Philadelphia
I am from the dreams and tears that built it

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