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Hi. You can call me James!

I... Write Fanfiction. Obviously.

Uh, I'm an artist, and you can find some of my work here: http:///tagged/my-art

I'm also on Tumblr, by the way. Right here: http:///. You should definitely follow me because I talk a lot in the tags and I reblog like every fandom i'm in, plus cats and jokes and things. Also, if you want to contact me quickly, I'll probably see your message there a good five or six hours before i'd see it here.

I love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Dan and Phil, How to Train Your Dragon, Star Wars, Rise of the Guardians, Gilligan's Island, Doctor Who, Sherlo- Actually, if I gave you a list, it would take a long, long time to scroll down to my stories. I tried that once. Basically I'm trash for so many things like I couldn't remember everything in one go if I tried.

I'm a Hufflepuff. My wand is a thirteen inch, slightly springy silver lime with a dragon core, and I'm kind of ridiculously proud of my Hogwarts house and all that. I'd be in the same year as Teddy Lupin, as well. Imagine, if I lived in that world, I would know Teddy Lupin personally. It seems so odd.

Some random stuff about me:

I am autistic and transgender.

I have gray-blue eyes.

I take pride in my stories, and I like it when others do the same. I hate it when people rush when writing fanfiction, because they could totally do so much better if they tried.

My favorite colour is blue.

I'm a biromantic demisexual, which means that I like guys and girls, but have no sexual attraction to anyone until I've got a well established crush on them. Also, polyamory could be a thing? I haven't figured that out really, like at all, but the last two times I developed crushes it was on two different people at once. (It's really frustrating, actually. Even forgetting that my current crushes are so unattainable it's not even amusing, I couldn't choose one over the other to save my life.)

I love ancient civilizations and everything to do with them. The stories, beliefs, architecture... Everything. ESPECIALLY the mythology. I don't know where I picked up the architecture thing. Annabeth, probably. But wow I really love architecture.

(I pick up a lot of things from others, I'm not even sure what anymore. I run my hand through my hair like James Potter and I purr when I'm happy sometimes like my cat and [mostly I'm like my cat. She was my best friend for nine years, and then she died] and I'm starting to stick my tongue out sometimes when I smile, like Rose Tyler or Phil Lester)

I like cats. I love cats. They're assholes and they're selfish and they don't go out of their way for you unless you're their favorite person and they're honest and independent and loving.

I like books. No, I love books. Really, really love books. I love diving through the worlds of other people, I love living other lives, I love the adventure of it and the humor and the life within every page. Does that even make sense?

"A reader lives a thousand lives before they die. The people that never read only live one." -George R.R. Martin

“Yeh don’ have ter be ashamed of what yeh are.” -Rubeus Hagrid (J.K. Rowling)

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