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Tom Valor PM
Joined Jul '03

Hey there, it's been a while so I'm changing this yet again.

My name is exactly as you see near the top of the page although some seem to prefer just calling me Tom, or TV or even Terevi-san. I'm 22 years old as of now and close to the very end of my college years.

I stay mostly in the Ragnarok Online section of the site and I am still reading, although I haven't gotten myself to send some reviews.

Of my works, only the Crimson Twilight series are actually in progress. Isolated Incidents and Fun with CT will get random updates when I suddenly gain something to write about. CT: Dusk is also getting a slow revision. School work and the like keep me busy so my update speed has gone from "ridiculously fast" to "horribly slow". I hope you enjoy my stories.

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