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Hello this is Proxy4818 and I've got a few stories on this website and have been a writer for the past few years now, I'm not the perfect writer but I've been able to improve a great deal since I had first started. I'm pretty much a fan of anime, videos games typically Jrpgs or visual novels and own a large number of light novels (I have every ROTSH light novel to date that's been released in the west)

Favored games are, Call of duty, legend of heroes trails of cold steel, Atelier Sophie, Atelier Ferris, Halo, starcraft 1 and 2, Skyrim, Lucy the eternity she wished for, Utawarerumono, ISLAND (visual novel), Doki Doki literature club, fire emblem and Gundam versus.

Favored animes, rising of the shield hero, Gundam 0079 and Zeta, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, princess re:dive, ReZero, Naruto, DBZ.

The fanfics I read these days mostly consist of the rise of the shield hero and naruto though that being said I still read many others.

Preferred type of stories: a lot of different what if scenarios in Naruto usually changing his origin or adding a new power for him to use and or bashing his teammates and I do a good deal of Rising of the shield hero stories and crossovers.

Stories that I don't like pretty much are yaoi and yuri, KH stories where an OC is given Roxas' keyblades (people really need to stop doing that and think of their own design for their character's weapons), ROTSH revolving around a magic/ mage hero (too many people are doing that type and on top of that all for of the original cardinal heroe use magic so the entire concept is just downright redundant) stories where an OC sword,spear,or bow hero uses forth wall knowledge to snatch up Raphtalia for themselves from under Naofumi's nose(although there's no stories I know of where this happens that type of thing would make the OC hero no better than Bitch, Trash, or Motoyasu.

I also don't care for fics that pair naruto with Sakura (she is literally the absolute worst person for him, it amazes me how others think otherwise) or naruto with other character parents or tsunade (that is wrong on so many levels)

Anyway with the negative stuff out of the way all that's really left to say is that my current stories consist mostly of Rising of the shield hero along with Gundam wing/seed and my other hobby aside from reading on this sight is mainly watching YouTube, and playing video games in my downtime when I'm at home. Might write a fire emblem story down the line in the future.

Ps best girls are

Atla fayon



(Trials of cold steel) Alisa


(Fire emblem) Florina

Favorite weapons are



Wing zero

(Utuwarerumono) fan

(DW8 EX) Bow and Rod

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