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Well I'm a Nice person. I have Brown eyes and hair. I am a girl. I LOVE Dragon Ball Z. My Most Favorite character is Cell. I love Fanfics I Read them all the Time. I'm also Very shy around people I do not know. I also can be very talkative. Well I don't know what else to put. I'm 21yrs old...My height is 5'2". I am also Psyco And Have lost my Mind. Other Animes I Love are Naruto, & Inuyasha, Kuroshitsuji. I Also Love Gaara & Sasuke, and Sebastian Michaelis, they are So Hot, The other Two are Naraku & Sesshomaru. I have a Thing for Sexy Bad Boys. Aslo I just LOVE Anime and Manga in general. In the Deepest Pits of Darkness, I watch Everything, Waiting for My Chance too Kill You. I Don't Suffer From Insanity...I Enjoy Every Minute Of It, If You Are Insane, Enjoying Every Second, And Proud Of It, Copy this and paste it into your Profile. If You've Been On The Computer For Hours On End, Reading Numerous FanFictions, Copy This Into Your Profile And Add Your Name To This List : Danyan, Avatarwolf, Shifter-Youkai, AkatsukiFan, Chocolate Chan,, Bloodied Sand, KeraQ, SaiyaCat. If You Are a GAARA Fanatic, Copy this into your Profile. I have an Update. Favorite Auther for Naruto Fanfiction is SerenaFlamma You Rock _~

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