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Hello, everyone! My name is Indie. Forewarning, I am a cat person.

I greatly enjoy both reading and writing fanfiction, however I am supremely lazy and quite terrible at updating.

My biggest pet peeves are when people randomly stop in the hallway, drivers who don't use turn signals, and when fanfiction authors don't put crossover stories in the crossover section :)

My favorite fandoms include:

Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean
literally anything Marvel idgaf
Pretty Little Liars
Gossip Girl (#chair)
Teen Wolf
Vampire Diaries (before it went to shit lol)
The Originals
Once Upon A Time (ngl it's mainly just Peter Pan)
literally anything DC (i love superheroes what can i say, Superman can save me any day yknow what i mean)
Vikings (godbless Ragnar's sons they are gorgeous amirite)
Outlander (jamie frasier what a man)
The Walking Dead
Riverdale (KJ Apa is so yummy hello)
Scream: The TV Show

And I'll dabble in other series that sometimes amuse me (Gotham, The 100, Criminal Minds, Hunger Games, Jurassic Park, etc.)

I have a plethora of ideas constantly but no time or inspiration to write them, so please, my friends, bare with me! I hope you enjoy!


The Monster Under the Bed (Scream: The TV Series) Kieran/OC

Chapters: 1/? Working on 2

Bad Intentions (Pretty Little Liars) Jason/OC [ON HOLD]

Chapters: 30/? Working on 31

Heart Strings (Vampire Diaries) Kol/OC

Chapters: 9/? Working on 10

Lolita (Suicide Squad) Harley Quinn/OC/Joker

Chapters: 11/? Working on 12

Wednesday (Once Upon A Time) Jefferson/OC

Chapters: 1/? Working on 2

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