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To all or anyone who like any stories I post on here:

I post things as they come to me but will try to do a chapter every week or two.

And thank you for reading my stories, favoriting them, or following them. I really appriciate it.

I will also be posting some art for my stories when possible ( whenever my computer isn't being mean -3- )

About me:

age:18 hair: brown eyes: green hobbies: I'm an artist mainly drawing anime. Love to read and of course write storys. And after 2 years of hording my storys in my binder of doom, I'm finally puting my idea's out there. I'm a gamer girl and proud of it. XD My favorite game series is the Harvest Moon/Rune Factory line. I like all kinds of music.

fav anime/manga: ghost hunt/black butler/ ouran highschool host club/fruits basket/pokemon/sekirei/sailor moon/magical doremi/( my list is too long to completely post on here XD )

NOTE: I have a facebook account that will have all my art or info regarding my story's. heres the link ( I MAKE NO PROFIT FROM THIS ). https://www.facebook.com/mai.koujo !!!! PLEASE DON'T USE MY ART WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR AT LEAST IF USED CREDIT ME FOR IT!!!!!

Story/Writing style/notes : I just want to point out that even if any of my story's end up M rated that I can't write lemons. I have no idea how to go with that and I'm too freaking scared to even try it. The only reason that one of my story's will be M rated is if it contains strong language or violence.

fav type of story's : I love romance and mystery story's. Especially ones that show a different side to a normally stoic or dark characters

Children of the Realms:

Mermaid songs/links: (listed in order of use in story)



Grell's Dress (chapter 8 ) :http:///wedding-dresses/hot-red-floor-length-wedding-dress-p-221.html#.Uj9Zbsbrxe8

Little girls Female shinigami :

skullina human form dress used in chapter 17 : http:///vc/p/Marie-Antoinette-Victorian-Dress-Ball-Gown-Prom-Wedding/D164Silver

skullina ball dress (chapter 18) : http:///Classic-Lolita-Victorian-Ruffled-X-Small/dp/B00BWII5B0/ref=sr_1_35?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1380313550&sr=1-35

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