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Mugetsu1996 PM
Joined Jul '12, USA

Well a little about me

Born and raised in Arizona that's all you get

I am a member of the community "Natsu X Mira, Urthemiel, Natsu x Mirajane Fairy Tail heart and soul" and if you are a NaMi fan or Natsuxharem fan with Mira in the harem please fallow this community! Thank you!

Favorite Artist, Band, and song

Hollywood Undead: Lion or Rain

Metallica: Enter Sandman

2 pac: Dear Mama

Biggie Smalls: Juicy

Thousand Foot Krutch: Scream

Linkin Park: In the End

Avenged Sevenfold: Hail to the King

Eminem: Lose Yourself or When im Gone

Submersed: Hollow

Three Days Grace: Never To Late

Fort Minor: Remember the Name

Tech N9ne: Love to Dislike Me

Bring me the Horizon: Throne, True Friends, Can you feel my heart, and Hospital for the Souls.

Favorite Anime's:


Fairy Tail

Dragonball Z

High school of the Dead

Death Note

Attack on Titan

Other shows

Avatar the Last Airbender


Nitro Circus

Viva La Bam

Favorite Bleach Pairings

Ichigo x Yoruichi

Ichigo x Tia or Tier what ever you prefer

Ichigo x Nel

Ichigo x Isane (Not many)

Ichigo x Soi fon

Ichigo x Harem

Toshiro x Rangiku

Toshiro x Momo

Disliked pairings

Ichigo x Rukia Yes i absoulutley hate this fucking pairing with every fiber of my fucking being.

Ichigo x Orhime ( this one i can stand sometimes but i mostley hate this to

H.O.T.D favourite pairings

Takashi X Shizuka

Takashi x Rei

Takashi x Saeko

Takashi x Rika

Hirano x Saya

Hirano x Rika

Mixed Pairings

Ichigo x Shizuka

Ichigo x Rika

Takashi x Apache

Takashi x Sung sun

Chad x Rika

Fairy Tail favourite pairings

Natsu x Mira

Natsu x Erza

Natsu x Ultear

Natsu x Jenny

Natsu x Lissana

Natsu x Kagura

Natsu x Harem

Gray x Juvia

Elfmam x Evergreen

Disliked pairings

Erza x Jeallel- I dont like this pairing due the fact of what he did to her. And he seems that he will never forgive himself. I just dont like him period.

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