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Dear readers/fans/critics/friends,

I am currently dealing with the throes of life right now. I am still writing. I always have been. I just developed a lot of bad writing habits that prevented me from ever posting new chapters. This will change. I am finishing chapters for Alien, Silent Hill, and True Blood as we speak. Game of Thrones is on the back burner until I finish having the temper tantrum I've been having since the end of season 5 (F&*% THAT SEASON). There are unedited chapters for future stories coming soon. Those would be Resident Evil (based on Biohazard), Fire Emblem, Dark Souls, Marvel (namely Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Captain Marvel, & others), Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Last of Us. I promise a lot. I will deliver. Just give me time to edit, and write, and I promise you will have plenty to read! _ Thank you all for your critiques, your support, and your time! Peace, Love & Harmony to you all!




As for Supernatural... there was talks between another FF author and I about crossing over our stories for a chapter or two, because we are best friends in real life and have shockingly linear stories. It's been over a year since we worked at that though. I need time to re-familiarize myself with Danae, and with the world of being a hunter. In time, there will be more. But for now, it is on hiatus.

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