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I am a french, living in France, still in med studies.

I love sport, watch TV shows and read books/fanfics.

I discovered the world of fanfics when I was 15-16 yo and I used to read fanfics about my favorite TV shows and when I find some time.

I will list the TV shows that I watched/watch and most of the time, if I really like/love these shows I read fanfics related.
I will try to list the TV shows chronologically :

- Stargate SG1
- Stargate Atlantis
- Revolution
- How I met your mother
- Chicago Fire
- etc (like The Walking Dead, Californication, Mentalist, Dr House/House MD…)

My favorite for the moment is Chicago Fire, it's by period, the first ones were Stargate SG1 and Atlantis.
My favorite genre is WHUMP! \o/ with, most of the time, the main characters but I like humor, general, romance and others depends of my mood.

I write some stories when I have time but I had never publish one on Fanfiction.net.

PS 1 : sorry for my "little" english
PS 2 : I open to have a Beta reader

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