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Hi!! Wheeeesssup!? *used to be j3nny24*
My name: Jenny
AGE: ???
birthday:Jan 24
I'm Asian, totally smart (can be crazy or dumb sometimes).

I'm a Yaoi Fan! I love it. To people who don't like it, don't hate on me cause i ain't a homo and i just love yaoi!

My Favorite Animes: (not in a particular order):
1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn (forever my favorite)
2. Naruto
3. One Piece
4. Assassination Classroom
5. Fairy Tail
6. Magi

My favorite Mangas: not in particular order:
1. Katekey Hitman Reborn
2. Karneval
3. One Piece
4. Kuroko No Basuke
5. Magi
6. Naruto

Fav Paring: Yaoi
1. Tsuna x Reborn (R27)
2. Tsuna x Alaude (A27)
3. Tsuna x Byakuran (10027)
4. Tsuna x Burmuda (B27)
5. Tsuna x Fon (F27)
6. Tsuna x Verde (V27)
7. Tsuna x Hibari (1827)
8. Ryoma x Tezuka (PoT)
9. Ryoma x Momo
10. Nagisa x Karma (Assassination Classroom)
11. Lucy x (ALL OF THE BOYS)
12. Sasunaru ( sasuke x naruto) (NARUTO)
13. Gaanaru (gaara x naruto)
14. Kakanaru (kakashi x naruto)
15. MANY MORE!!!!!!!

read too many fics that I don't even know what scene goes with which fic... gosh help me.

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