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I am a fan of all of the former members of the Shield (and I have other wrestlers I like: Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Paige, Naomi, and etc.)

I'm not into Slash, Romance/romantic stories, using real actors/names in stories or OC stories.

Stories I let slide: there are a few stories that has an OC that is written in the story not as a love interest or anything like that, like Kings and Soldiers by Marvelyn, and although its based around the girl character, it is really good. Now, I am ok with secondary OCs or other characters that play a small part, or something like that, like Country Roads by Tori of Lorien, the original characters are also the bad guys! and some die... which is ok as long as it is not the main character(s) of the story and fandom. There has been time's I let slide again, BUT, I don't do it often. And there are a few stories that have a little romance in it and I let slide because the story is awesome, My Little Friend by thievesfire (the story isn't solely based on romance) (you guys gotta check out those three stories I named, I promise you won't be disappointed!)

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