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Hey guys I'm firespirte1123 been using this name since I was a kid for pretty much everything. What to say about myself? Well I'm a personal trainer, although I'm not currently working for any gyms. I love anime, manga, music, video games, sports, and I love being in a gym. I have way too many favorites of lots of things to list them so I won't. I am a huge fan of Mass Effect (despite the ending cause the overall story was just so cool) and Final Fantasy pick a number that isn't 11 or 14 and yes I am a fan girl of 7 but I'm a realistic fan girl. I own a playstation 3 so if you game and you see me in your lobby hit me up. I would love to write fan fic, but I was never really a strong writer and english just wasn't my forte in school. But perhaps one of these days I'll give it a try, until then I enjoy reading others stories for sheer amusement and to see how you guys put your views of the games and other stuff down on paper. For now that's all I can think of so if you're curious about anything else about me send a PM and ask.

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