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and the walls kept tumbling down

in the city that we love

Watch this space.

I may or may not write an SYOT sometime.

Alive For Now

Trilby Alistair, 14, District Eight. Veni, Vidi, Vici by DaughterOfTigris.

Betsan Donnelly, 12, District Twelve. Tears of Flame by Red Roses1000.

Six Feet Under

Antonia Bismarck, 13, District Two. The Altar of Blood by ZJB3. Placed 9th.

Aino Tamminen, 12, District Seven. Hear the Wind Blow by Mystical Pine Forest. Placed 11th.

Eudora Macintosh, 14, District Three. A Spell Broken by Red Roses1000. Placed 13th.

Tullia Litvina, 12, District Twelve. Chaos is a Ladder by when-is-winter-coming. Placed 14th.

Sigrid Lapierre, 17, District Two. Secrets Inside by CreativeAJL. Placed 20th.

We're Still Here

*dead silence*

how am I gonna be an optimist about this?

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