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A little information about this annoyed looking fellow I'm using as my avatar...He was arguably one of the greatest military leaders that this nation has ever produced. He understood the nature of war and had the guts to do what needed to be done. And he hated every minute of it. At the time of his death, the president, Benjamin Harrison wrote in a message to Congress:

He was an ideal soldier, and shared to the fullest the esprit du corps of the army, but he cherished the civil institutions organized under the Constitution, and was only a soldier that these might be perpetuated in undiminished usefulness and honor.

A word about the photograph I'm using...It was taken in 1865 by noted Civil War photographer Mathew Brady for a series called Sherman and His Generals. It is not a copyright infringement according to Copyright Infringement Law.

And now a bit about me...

Name: Yes, I have one of those.

Age: Old enough to have acquired an impressive number of bad habits. None of which I have any intention of breaking.

Location: In a house. In the woods. Somewhere in the United States.

Political Affiliation: Bill 'n Opus 2016. Need I say more?

First of all, I would like to thank Alix-Lestrange on Deviant Art for letting me use her fabulous artwork, The Line of Durin. Unfortunately the limitations of the image editor does not allow us to see the entire piece. So, if I were you, I would head over to Deviant Art and take a look at, not only this piece, but her entire gallery. It is amazing!

http:// alix-lestrange. deviantart. com/

(Remove the spaces)

I have started my own Hobbit community, Line Unbroken -- Durins Live. I would like to thank the two subscribers who subscribed to the Harry Potter community.

The community is devoted to stories where, as the name indicates, at least one of the Durins survive. I am a devoted Kíli/Tauriel shipper, but he can be paired with someone else. I do not, however, like Fíli/Sigrid, but I will read a story with that pairing if it isn't the main focus of the story. I emphatically do not like Bagginshield/Thilbo (even with gender switch). I think the friendship is more profound and realistic. Nor do I like the 'Girl in Middle-earth' trope. I have come across maybe two stories where the girl did not eventually become a Mary-Sue. Since both are as yet unfinished and the survival of the Durin Line is in question, I may or may not add them. Slash/incest...just no.

Now, the stories...there are actually more that are not archived on this site (and I will list them at some point). I would like to point out that there are two stories in Valandhir's fantastic series, The Raven's Blade, that are not included in the community because they are listed in The Lord of the Rings rather than as a crossover. They are the rewrite of A Distant Light and At the Edge of the World. Even though the original version of A Distant Light is listed, I would urge you to read the rewrite.

Please bear in mind that this is an ongoing process and more information will be added later.

If you're here because I reported your story or are a defender...I don't like plagiarists or copyright infringers. Just a bit of advice...If you didn't write it, whether it be books text or song lyrics, don't post it. Not only could you lose your story, you could very well have your account deleted. Not only that, a lyricist or author might decide to sue the site for infringement. If you admire an author or lyricist, show them respect by NOT stealing their work. Write them a fan letter instead.

Also, the owner of this site allows you to archive your work for free and request that you abide by the guidelines. So respect him enough to follow them.

Currently, my favorite fandoms are The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion.

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