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Dark Link M Smith PM
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Full Name: Dark Link M. Smith

Other Name(s): The Dark One

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Occupation: Farm worker/Assassin

Appearance: Clothing: Black Tank top, Black Pants, Black over coat, Black army boats Back Hat some times if it's only raining,
also it has some gold on it but it's not gold. He's Tall and tone just right. By day he wear's all white and by night all black.
When on a job or on a lead he wears red and black. steel toe tip boats. black gloves. And a cap over his left arm to hide his blades.
His night clothes are to let females now a good time. A light Black shit. Black pants and walking boots. He also has a necklace around his neck that is the only clue to his sister.

Personality: Cold and not easy going. Dark Link’s way of life is fast and works alone he also seems out of it some times and does not cope with being alone or with others on some jobs.
Dark Link’s mind sit is still young not having much of a child hood he sometimes go crazy with rage and kills with a smile. He tends to be a player telling what woman want to here as
he walks around with them. When he sleeps he cry’s about the death of his family and the lost of his sister. In The mornings he's a kind man and loves to help others.
But that’s all I lie to get what he needs.

The first one
This one twin blade is made with some red ropes at it's handle and its blade is about 4' long
The 2nd one
This one twin Blade is made some blue rope on it's handle and its blade is also 4'
Both made by the same black smith, At the old time shop at the same time.

Equipment: -Unparalleled Martial Art Skills: Lin M Smith is skilled with the use of a Twin-handed sword, a sword and shield, a one handed sword (all European styles), knives.
By skilled, this also means he has a battle ready speed and toughness long beyond that or most men in his town he has come to call home away from home after the death of his mother...

-Superior Senses: Due to a combination of his unknown heritage, He became a being darkness A assassin of the night to kill and to live.
Having been a warrior for his entire existence From the age of ten, Lin M Smith has a superior sense of smell, sight, and particularly hearing. His hearing is very, very acute.
He also has something of a sixth sense in relation to things potentially dangerous or "fun" Things to him.
He tends to use this to get money for him self and to give to kids that dont have a home.

History: Unknown

Now a litter bit about Me The Real man behind the mask. I always loved fan-fics But there's to many in a site to read so I go For the M part of this site. But it seems like thats all there's is to me but no more will come to you after a find my cookies.



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