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*I am currently soul searching - trying to find my place. I apologize for slow updates. I'm trying, ok?*

I'm going to tell you right off the bat.

I don't support Jerza that much.

I don't... really like it.

I'm not hating, but I just wanted to be honest with you. Maybe you can change my mind? Maybe...???

I prefer Gray x Erza, Jellal x Ultear, Juvia x Lyon, Loke x Lucy, and Natsu x Lisanna. So yes, maybe I sail on ships full of holes, but damn it I don't like that much canon shit. It's annoying as hell.

Favorite Animes (I'm listing the not obvious ones):

1. Shiki. Toshio Ozaki is literally the most badass person I know. He'll science the fuck out of you.

2. Black Cat. Train...oh god. He's so hot. Best ending I've ever seen on an anime as well.

3. And I love Full Metal Panic. Sousuke Sagara is so epic and extemely awkward...

4. Pandora Hearts. Gawd don't get me started on damn Xerxes Break.

Just thought I'd mention those.

Favorite Yaoi Pairings:

1. Mystogan x Laxus. Their fight was full of so much sexual tension.

2. Jellal x Natsu. GAWD It just drips with hotness.

3. Natsuno x Toshio Ozaki. My favorite Shiki pairing. It's so damn sexyyy!

4. Xerxes x Ciel. DON'T KILL ME FOR NOT PUTTING HIM WITH SEBASTIAN!!! It's a perfect cross-pairing. However, I'll never be able to convince Sebastian otherwise.

5. Natsu x Gray. Words are not needed.

6. Toru Mutou x Natsuno. It's inevitable. We all know Toru wants Natsuno's ass. They have a sleep-over...and Toru pulled the blanket up so that it covered Natsuno's sleeping frame. How cu- SEXY AS HELL!

7. Train x Creed. My god, it's hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

8. Toshio Ozaki x Tatsumi. At first I was like...wtf?! Then...oh. Oh. OH! That's hot!

9. Tatsumi x Natsuno. Two jinrou's = EPIC WIN!

10. Dean x Castiel. Wow, something that's not anime! There are so many little hints at this. 'Cas get out of my ass!' 'I was never in your...' (Oh wait, I was. XD)

And that's that. I'm sorry if you aren't a yaoi fangirl, since all my pairings are that precisely. Forgive me.

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