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The name's Sam, an average seventeen year old girl.

First of all, I'm really sorry for deleting "Life as An Anime". I know you guys loved it and all, but I just couldn't continue it. I'm truly sorry. But, I'm planning to write a new one, and I think (and hope) it'll meet all your reading, fantasizing, and laughing needs.

The reason I deleted "Life As An Anime" is because I started to write that when I was 15, so most of it was really childish with bad grammar and unbelievable scenes. But I've improved a lot on my writing skills in the past two years. So, I'm gonna give the new story I'm starting all I've got! :)

Warning: I won't be updating so frequently like I did before, till the 3rd of June. The reason is because I have my mid term exams starting from the 21st of May, so yeah...

But I promise I'll update a lot after June the 3rd! =D

"Sweet, Sour, Bitter: These are the three flavors of life."

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