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Cherryblossom-crystal PM
Joined Jul '03
Hey everyone!!!

I'm a University student currently 20yrs old
I absolutely love anime and fanfiction.
Telling you the truth I am a romantic, and some people can call me a sentimental fool but hey I can't change who I am.
I like helping ppl, talking online, reading fanfictions, books, watching anime, reading mangas, singing and playing games.
Hm...what else here are some of my fave anime/manga and the pair ups I would like to see:
Ranma 1/2 :Ranma/Akane
Card captor Sakura: S/S, E/T
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances): Y/S
Sailor moon: U/M, Generals/Sensei
this is just a few i will make this longer hehe

I really wish though I can get all the anime I love especially ones not coming to the USA like Sailor Moon Stars

Well what else can I say I'm a Virgo, I want to special someone in my live but I can wait. In the mean time I love matchmaking and seeing my friends together. Sometimes I think I'm too nice in letting ppl know what I want but I try my best to get the point through.

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