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Call me Hawk or Archie, works for most people and feel free to PM me for whatever, I won't shoot :) My profile picture is my own art (it's long haired Oberyn Martell).

Find me as @lilhawkeye3 on AO3, Tiktok, Instagram and Tumblr where I post sneak peaks, fanart, and random thoughts (if you web search "lilhawkeye3" it should be one of the first links to show up, and you do not require an account to view my blog). I'm also on Facebook as Archie Hawkeye.

I do not have a P-word donation site (FFN auto removes the name), but I do have a Ko-fi under the name lilhawkeye3. You can find it by searching "ko-fi lilhawkeye3".

You are free to make fanart for any of my stories! I just ask that you credit me and the fic on your post, and put my username as a hashtag. I'd love to see anything you create, so feel free to comment or send me a PM if you make anything! For The Villain Wrangler: I have a character reference sheet for Danny Johnson for any fanart made featuring him (because I don't describe his appearance much in the story). Please contact me and I'll send you the link; it can also be found on my Tumblr masterlist.

Books: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, ASOIAF, Maximum Ride, Twilight, The Infernal Devices, Narnia, Hunger Games, Lore Olympus, Siren's Lament, Legendborn, A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor, Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom

TV shows: Game of Thrones, Westworld, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, American Horror Story, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Torchwood, The Mandalorian, TBOBF, The Witcher, The Crown, Shadow and Bone, Criminal Minds

Cartoons: Young Justice, Justice League (Unlimited, Action), Batman TAS, Batman Beyond, Superman, Avengers, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, Gravity Falls, Teen Titans, Archer, Futurama

Anime: BNHA, Vampire Knight, Sailor Moon, SAO, Black Butler, Made in Abyss, Cells at Work!, The Promised Neverland, Kakegurui

Movies: MCU, DCEU, Star Wars, Rise of the Guardians, Tangled, X-Men/Deadpool, Aliens, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond, Star Trek, The Matrix, Man from UNCLE, The Mummy

Universes: Doctor Who, Marvel Universe, DC Universe, Harry Potter, Arrowverse, Riordanverse, Star Wars, Disney in general

Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink.

Adventures of Muggleborns: gets updated whenever I come across a fun idea. Feel free to send suggestions!

Rise of a Huntress: it's on hiatus. DC movieverse hasn't inspired much motivation recently.

Ruby and Gold: outline is complete! Check on Tumblr for updates.

Tangled Fate: The entire story is inspired by a prompt by @youknownothingjonsnow0303 on Tumblr.

The Villain Wrangler: never fear, wranglers. Next chapter is always coming soon.

The Villain Wrangler Vol. 2: please send requests of Marvel characters you'd like to see! This will help me plan out the next chapters :)

The Witch and the Jedi: General arc through Phantom Menace planned.

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