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I enjoy reading, surfing the net, watching movies.

I am good in thinking of stories but sadly I'm not creative enough to write them. I may put some here so that other creative writers might us the idea(s). Just give me some credit and tell me when you post it so I can read them:)

#1 : My idea would be a Naruto and Harry Potter crossover( most likely an AU ). Where Harry Potter is a girl name Azrael and wasn't born a Potter. She was given to them not knowing that their leader of the light had kidnapped her from her true family. Doing a blood adoption, which only adds on to her other Heritage. She is saved by Jareth the Goblin King ( yes I added Labyrinth to the mix ), and told her the truth and became her teacher. Never goes to Hogwarts and returns to her real home to save her broken family. The Uchiha Clan Massacre happens ( not by Itachi but is framed and goes on a undercover mission ), but not the Hyūga Affair.

Blood adopted parents: James Potter and Lilly ( Evens ) Uzumaki
Birth parents: Fugaku Uchiha and Mikoto Uchiha
Brothers: Itachi and twin brother Sasuke
Aunt and Uncle: ( not including Lilly's adopted Sister and her family) Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze
Cousin: Naruto ( Namikaze ) Uzumaki
Cousin or Uncle/Aunt: Nagato, Konan, and ( family friend ) Yahiko

Major bashing on Albus Dumbledore , civilian council, Danzō Shimura, and a few Uchhas' ( those that wanted to take over Konoha ).

Slight bashing on Ino, Sakura, and Saskue until Azrael arrives and straighten them up.

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