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The Crystal, The Silver, and The Sky:

This is my own version of Katekyo Hitman Reborn and this is also a bl story:

After the Rainbow Representative Battle everything turns out to be normal except for Hibari's kiss and Mukuro's kindness. Until one day, Tsuna had a fight with one of Checker Face's race. He was bound by something he cannot tell and something he must hide. Pieces he must find to solve the curse untold and to save the ones he loves most...

Lies and Broken Promises

Tsuna and Hibari are lovers however fate, has a cruel game of keeping them apart. One day Hibari was reported dead and disappeared from Tsuna's life. 15 years later, he returned and saw that the little herbivore is with a 15 year old boy that looks exactly like him, except he has Tsuna's chocolate brown eyes. Will Tsuna accept him in open arms? Or will he hate him for leaving them just like his father did?

How Did It Turn Out This Way?

Vongole Nono, Giotto del Vongole, is having a meeting with his guardians on what to give their children for Christmas when a loud explosion occured. Suddenly, their children from ten years in the future arrived but couldn't recognize them, except for Hibari, Mukuro and Yamamoto. However, Mukuro and Hibari seem to hate their parents. What could've happened during the past ten years?

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