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Well I like writing and I constantly have ideas for Fanfiction...and I like pink...and if you like my writing I'm on another website called Teenink. There's no fanfiction on my profile, but there's other stuff. This is my profile for that site:


The stories I've written are from when I first started creative writing. Enjoy!

P.S. One more thing, when I start publishing stuff, please Review, don't hold back go ahead and tell me how to improve! When you review if you want me to read your stuff please say so, and I will return the favor! :-)


OTP's: Johnlock, Doctor 10 and Rose, uhmm Frerard and I feel like I'm missing stuff.

Favorite Color-Pink, purple, blue, and black

Favorite Food-Pizza, chocolate, sushi, I'm open to anything...

Favorite Books-Harry Potter, Little Women, Hunger Games, Frankenstein, The Book Thief...nevermind I just really like reading.

Hobbies-Marching Band, Karate, Writing (obviously), reading, drawing

What I want to do with my life- I want to be an actress and write song lyrics.

Favorite Shoes- Combat Boots

Music I like- My Chemical Romance, Regina Spektor, Kimbra, Christina Perri, Lykke Li, Panic at the Disco, ADELE, Sia, Green Day, The Civil Wars, Never Shout Never, Muse, Paramore, Adam Lambert, Depeche Mode, Modest Mouse, Evanescense...I could keep going...

Additional Information- Maybe sometime I'll do crossovers...

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