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Justus80 is a play on words type title, just us: justice, get it. and the 80 is just the added number of our ages put together when we made this account, pretty clever no?

either way there are two people currently working on stories the third member of our group is a little busy at the moment with college and were both rooting for her to succeed. either way lets start with me.

my name is the don (technically its a nickname so its not really my real name :3).

my likes are any type of music just not a lot of country (I can tolerate it). favorite bands right now: chameleon circuit, skillet, and Michael Jackson. that doesn't mean I don't like any other band.

movies I like any that capture my interest, my favorite: the dark knight trilogy, the matrix trilogy, any animated movie, Disney movies (like the doctor said 'there's no point in growing up if you cant be childish sometimes') the riddick trilogy, and any marvel movies. (still waiting for the Deadpool movie).

anime: any that catches my interests really, if there's one you think I should watch pm me I'll see if I can watch it. now my favorites are: the dragon ball series except GT (the only good things in it were the new baddies and super saiyan 4), fairy tail, soul eater, one piece, Naruto (shippuden as well), fullmetal alchemist, sword art online, Pokemon (the original not the new one), and the digimon series

shows: the only things I like are Doctor who, supernatural, arrow, castle, bones, torchwood,...that's pretty much it. again pm me if you think I would like this show.

cartoons: I have a few but there still good: adventure time, regular show, my little pony: friendship is magic (yep that's right I am a Brony...deal with it) family guy, ultimate spider-man, teen titans, young justice, Jackie Chan adventures, and teenage mutant ninja turtles (the 2006 version and the 2012 version).

video games: we will be here all day so just a few games: the assassins creed series, the batman arkham series, the god of war series, any fighting game, rockstar games and Bethesda game studios.

heroes: first off there's a bunch but I'm going to tell you the ones I like the most and give the reason. the first one is spider-man because of his determination to never give up even when new York or J.J.J makes his life a living hell cause like uncle Ben taught him 'with great power comes great responsibility', second is Batman because of his tragic start to becoming the dark knight, his will to never give up on his training to become the bat to stop Gotham from becoming worse and his time being batman has been remarkable (plus the fact that he does it without superpowers just his brains is a plus as well) and last but not least is Deadpool, why...I don't need a reason he's Deadpool.

dislikes: not many things I hate except maybe loud noises, bullies, silver spoon and diamond tiara, Sasuke, Sakura (when shes a fan girl and being mean to Naruto) the leaf village, Danzo, bad people in general.

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