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Greetings strange creature. I'm not really sure how you found this place but its a little dust. I don't get many guests especially considering the lack of creation that goes on. But since you here hes a treat a little about me and some insights ive glean about HP fanfiction.

Name: Voidblade will do

Favorite Books: Dune series, Wheel of time series, forgotten realms books, and others

favorite anime: Code Geass, Rosario Vampire, Bleach, YuYu Hakusho Others.

Favorite games: Geneforge saga, Dragon age: origins, Elder scrolls series 3-5, Starwars Kotsvers Gate 12 and the throne of bhaal, Starcraft, others ect.

HP verse abuse scale and its consequences..

1 harry lived a happy life with no abuse from who ever he ends up with.. he ends up insane ussually and comedy ensues..

2 no abuse or neglect though whoever he lives with doesn't love or care for him.. he is almost always becomes evil

3 no abuse but he is neglected.. he ends up awesome!

4 minor verbal abuse and neglect... pretty much cannon

5 serious verbal abuse and neglect.. he has a even bigger hero complex

6 minor physical abuse and neglect. evil ... or cannon

7 moderate physcial abuse and neglect messiah complex or apathectic

8 serious physical abuse and neglect insane ../ sometimes a hero

9 uncomfortable to read levels or abuse and neglect/ Evil or good but insane

10 murdered in cold blood by those who should have been friends suffering betrayls of the worst kind... if during hogwarts years either evil on par with volde.. or if after the basis for a super harry getting his revenge

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