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call me sunny

she/her, 22

ugh looking back to all the profile changes i made on this damn site makes me cringe a lot.

Trying my absolute best to review stories in an objective (lol sure) manner and probably make side notes about how it actually made me feel...actual feelings.


Anything with a plot that catches my interest.

Interest may include: trashy romance plot, that cute shit, that angsty shit, the occasional thought provoking story, Siren aus, grey characters, internally conflicted squads, non cartoony villains, anti heroes, the sunshine dumbass who has other emotions too, cyberpunk, sappy romcoms, sappy domestic aus, fantasy

OC stories

Basically any plot that doesn't just copies the OC into the story and the same shit still happens. You put something new in the pot, the whole thing's bound to change ayt.

Anything that has good spacing, spelling, punctuation, usage of the quotation marks (" ") for dialogue. My eyes are picky, reading for like 12 years has curated my preference.

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