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Hey there. I'm Ophelia, or O, as some affectionately refer to me.

I'm just a college girl who loves everything Marvel. I'm also testing the DC waters, mostly in the form of the three DC shows on TV at the moment (Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl) but my heart forever belongs to that red and white powerhouse of heroes. I dabble in activities eclectic, including dance, fencing, various martial arts, and currently college marching band. (#B1GBand, baby.)

In the early winter of 2014, I was accepted to write in an incredible collaboration project called In The End You Always Kneel, published here on FFN by The Freelancer Collaboration. The premise is the Hunger Games, but set in the Marvel Universe on an amazing scale. I am writing everyone's favorite blue elf, Kurt Wagner (though he's not blue in this universe). There are over 20 incredibly authors involved in this project and the story is well underway.

There's also a companion piece for this fic called Before You Kneel, which gives the opportunity to see situations with the characters that we don't get to see in the story.

ITEYAK is finished and I was accepted to write in the sequel, When Blood Calls For Blood, with DC characters entering the fray. I'm writing Kara Danvers and Cisco Ramon. It's shaping up to be another fantastic story!

I do take on fic requests on FFN, AO3, and Tumblr, but because of personal preference I will reject any that involve smut or pairings that I am uncomfortable with (to be determined on an individual basis).

I am always happy to provide beta-reading, with the same aforementioned restrictions.

You can also find me on Tumblr as xkurtwagner, and on AO3 as Ophelia_L.

Feel free to send a message on any of these platforms to chat!

Happy reading!

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