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Hi, I'm Marie.

Facts about me:

- I'm French.

- I'm 16.

- I speak French, English, German, Portuguese and a little Italian. And I'm French, Portuguese, German and Italian.

- I practice box for three years and piano since I was seven.

- I'm an addict of chocolate. All chocolate. I love them all.

- I hate fish. Seriously, it's disgusting.

- I have one brother who is two years older than me.

- I started to really love English when I watched Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf in English.

- I started to write in English six months ago, but I really started to write five years ago.

- My first story was about Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter...But now I ship Dramione.

DC couples:

- Dick and Babs, because they are awesome together, and they are meant for each other.

- Wally and Artemis, because I love the whole things: "I'm to proud to accept my feelings, so I hate you."

- Tim and Steph, because they are just so cute together!

- Batman and Catwoman, because they are just two legends.

- Oliver and Dinah, because I love the things: "hate you/love you."

- Hawkman and Hawkgirl, because is there anything more romantic than being reincarnated into different lives and finding each other in every single one of them?

- Roy and Cheshire, because a good guy and a bad guy together it's just awesome.

- Conner and Cassie, because they are sooo cute.

- Joker and Harley, because they are just sooo insane.

- Beast Boy and Raven, because I can't not love them.

Marvel couples:

- Clint and Natasha, because they are just awesome!

- Gambit and Rogue, because it's a cursed love.

- Iceman and Rogue, because they are sooo cute together.

- Piotr and Kitty, because they've had hard time, but they always love each other.

- Reed and Sue, because they are simple and this couple is really sweet.

- Hank and Janet, because they both have temper problems.

- Peter and Gwen, because they meant for each other.

- Scott and Jean, because I love them, and that's all.

- The Thing and Alicia, because their love is real.

- Peter and Mary Jane, because they are really, really cute. And he have to move on after Gwen's death.

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