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My name is Chris and I live in South Carolina, located in the USA. For people who don't know where that is...don't feel bad, I am in the middle of nowhere...hell I don't even know where I am...

I enjoy reading fan fiction, watching anime (Naruto and Bleach are the best!), playing video games (Halo 3, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon, and of course Rock Band are the current ones.), and working on cars are my major hobbies. Oh and by the way if anyone wants to play Halo sometime, my gamertag is Link Valor

I want to apologize to anyone who I've flamed over the have to understand I was a child back then. Didn't know right from wrong or manners for that matter. I know that some of those reviews we're very offensive to certain individuals (I'd point out who...but I don't remember...I know that I have been an ass though.) and for that I'm very sorry. I've grown more open minded over the years and have realized the error of my ways. So again I'm sorry may you (whoever you are) forgive me for my stupidity.

Likes: Anime! especially harem anime...I don't know why though. But action anime's awsome too...

Working on my Focus SVT...I can't wait to turbo charge it...I can feel the G's already : )

Video general. My top 5 would have to be: 1)Mass Effect 2)KOTOR 1+ 2 3)ES: Oblivion 4)Earth and Beyond (ahh the memories...much better than WOW in my opinion) 5)Halo series


assholes...I used to be one.

people that push their religion on you.

women think men are beneath them and like wise for men.

cheaters...unless they were cheated on first...then it's an eye for an eye baby.

Yaoi and Yuri...I don't dislike gays...or at least not best friend turned out to be gay...that was a shocker. Anyways, I just don't like reading about it...

Fiery women...most guys are reading this going WTF...what can I say, I just don't like um. I prefer calmer, nicer women...and the fact that my Father and two brothers all married fiery women and now have no life and have lost their I say no to evil whores...No!

Some of my fav. pairings are:

Harry Potter - Harry and any female except Ginny because shes much to fiery for my own taste. I especially enjoy odd pairings and multi-shippers.

Legend of Zelda - Link/any female character will do, but I really enjoy Link and Nabooru.

Kim Possible - I enjoy Ron and either Bonnie, Monique, or Shego. But now that Disney's kinda made Ron/Kim a pairing, I don't think I'll ever see any of these pairings again...sigh...

Naruto - many good ones. Naruto/Hinata, Naruto/Ino, Naruto/Anko, Naruto/Kyubi, Naruto/Temari...Way to many good ones to list.

Bleach - Ichigo/any female character

Star Ocean - I love a good Fayt/Nel...its my favorite pairing in the series but Fayt and sophia or Maria are also cool...

K.O.T.O.R 1 and 2 - I love male Revan and bastilla, I also enjoy male exile and either handmaiden, Visas, Mira, or all Three : )

Current Stories:

Err...I have two currently going on. I'm not sure if I'll ever finish my Harry Potter and X-Men crossover(s). But as far as the Harry Potter/ KOTOR crossover...I plan on it. But one I do plan to work fact I'm working on it at this point in time is my Naruto Story.

The Eye of Control: This story is based off of the Haku battle. I watching that episode and I thought about how the Kyubbi's Chakra could destroy the environment. So that was one part of the bloodline I could give him...but what about his strength's and weakness's, how would they be affected? So I thought about it and came to realize that his strength and his weakness are closely attached. He has huge amounts of chakra but because of this his control what if I could help both his strength and weakness at the same time? Let this bloodline limit give him better control by condensing the huge amount of chakra he has. Well that's the basis of the story anyways...some abilities will work themselves into the story...

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