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I freely admit I am a nut. I've got guys with big butterfly nets out there after me. But they haven't caught me yet and until they do, I will just go on reading and writing Fanfiction.

My chronological age is 40, but I personally am going to stay 20 until I hit 100, then I'll go up to 40.

My Favorite fandoms are varied. I like The Professionals, Blake's 7, Battlestar Galatica (the original not the new one), Star Trek (TOS, TNC, & Enterprise), Stargate
and Highlander (obviously) and a number of others.

I know some of you are waiting for the sequel to Inbetween, and I am working on it (I really am), but right now Jack and Methos are arguing about how Daniel is going to get trained to use a sword. I can't get them past it, so since I have about 5 other stories going I am just working on whichever one yells the loudest and as Jack, Methos and the others tell me more I'll add it.

I have just created a yahoo group for people who want to get questions answered, that I can't really satisfactorily answer in the story, given that is no longer allowing answers to Yahoo group is: http:///group/emryscorwalch/

For those of wondering when or if there will be a sequel to Wizard of Silence there will be, I just don't know when, mostly because Bunnie and muse haven't agreed on how to start it. May start it next year.

I just wanted to let you know I have taken Wizard of Goa'uld down for now. The reason is simple. I can't seem to get my muse interested in continuing it and since I hate leaving incomplete stories up, it will be taken down until my Muse decides to work on it again. Sorry about that.

With regard to my one shots, if anyone wishes to, since it is highly unlikely that I will be writing sequels to them any time soon... if ever and those sequels will depend on the bunnies, I freely offer you the chance to take my one shots and expand on them if you want. The same offer applies to Do Not Meddle. The only requirement I have for Do Not Meddle is that if Harry appears at all it is only very briefly and not to the wizarding world as a whole. I meant for his supposed disappearance to be a clean break.

To those who are enjoying reading my stories please be aware I only post completed works on Fanfiction.net. All WIP's are posted places like HP Fandom, Wormhole Crossing and Wonderful World of Makebelieve and AO3 (Archive of Our Own) . The reason for this is because as is their right, I guess, yanked the first chapter of The Wizard of Silence saying that it violated guidelines. As I stated when this happened with Do Not Meddle, I am pulling all WIP's from FanFiction.net and from now on only completed works will be posted here. Besides on HP fandom and the other sites, I can reply to your reviews directly. If you wish to read my HP fics in progress they can be found on HP Fandom and AO3 (Archive of Our Own)

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