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I'm currently a part time sixth form student and will be heading to university soon. I started writing when I was about 16 years old, where my English teacher first taught me how to write narrative essays. It was frustrating due to my grammar mistakes as I'm a non-native speaker but that doesn't stop me at all, I continuously practice my writing and speaking by grabbing whatever reading material I can find around my home. Yes, like every other young adult, I read as well. :)

My favorite novel genre would be YA Romance/Fantasy/Dark or a mixture of it.

I'm a dog and cat person but I prefer dogs.

Do I explore other style of writings?
Yes, I do. I have written 19 poems and still counting. :)

Do I like gaming?
Yes, I love all kinds of games, no matter on which console, I'm just love to have fun and spend time with my friends :)

Do you venture into other forms of arts?
Yes, I'm a hip hop, contemporary, ballroom and a freestyle dancer. Nope, I don't have any formal training on any of the genres. Mostly, I just learned it by watching Youtube videos and just mimicking their actions. Dancing has always been my passion.

Do you do sports?
Yes, I do. I was a high school athlete who won one or two medals. I was involved in track and field (100m, 200m, Long Jump, Triple Jump and Tug of War). Tug Of War was actually part of my high school sports tradition :)
I'm also involved in basketball, volleyball, bowling, archery, soccer, tennis, swimming, jogging and running. I'm also involved in doing some gymnastic moves, Nope, I'm not a gymnast (I wish I was!). I love sports and I was a tomboy back then. (I will always a tomboy at heart! XD)

My favourite Autobot?
I can't really list one out because I love them all equally :)

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