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Name: Warmach1ne32

Gender: Dude

Age: 18

Place I Live: on an island (good luck finding which one) ;-P

Favorite show: RWBY, Detective Conan(Jap), The Irregular at Magic High School, Avatar:the Legend of Aang & Korra, Deadliest Warrior,Sword Art Online, Black Bullet, CardFight Vanguard, Kaitou 1412, Red vs. Blue, Your Lie in April, Generator Rex, Skyland, Strike Witches, Secret Saturdays, C:KND, Future Weapons, Surviving the Cut, Deadliest Warrior, Close Quarters Battle, Cowboy Bebop, Lord Marksman & Vandas, Danny Phantom, Show by Rock, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Card Captor Sakura(Jap), Sky Girls, Fringe, NCIS & NCIS:LA, Castle, Warehouse 13, Battle Force 5, Little Battlers eXperience, Young Justice, Naruto, Fairy Tail, MythBusters, Deltora Quest, Girls und Panzers, Inazuma 11, Xiolin Showdown, Horrible Histories, Burn Notice, Head Rush, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,

Favorite Youtube Channel: Extra Credit, Dark 5, Kurzgesagt, ScrewAttack, Dnews, Hybrid Librarian, WonderWhy, WatchMojo, SciShow/SciShow Space, Matthew Santoro, AweMe, VSauce, TestTube, The Game Theorist, Games, LeeandLie, FPSRussia, ERB, Outsidexbox, TED/TED-ED, Science Friction, Lew Toons, CGP Grey, Rooster Teeth, It's okay to be Smart, PBS Channel, BuzzFeedYellow/Blue, Orange Juice, Crash Course, WinterStarcraft, Lowko,

Favorite PC Game: Command & Conquer, Mass Effect, Starcraft, Child of Light, Aura Kingdom, Alpha Protocol, Act of Aggression, March of War, Sunrider Series, Ghost Recon:Future Soldier, Warhammer 40k, Company of Heroes, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Crysis, Rise of Nations, Dragon Age, R.U.S.E, JC Avatar, Renegade X, Age of Empires, Homeworld, Grey Goo, UFO:Online, Halo Wars, XCOM 2, Melody Escape, ACE Academy,

Favorite Movies: Pacific rim, Battleship, Marvel Movies, Big Hero 6, RED, Hot Wheels Acceleracers, Detective Conan Movies (1-17) , Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4, Inception, Fast & Furious 1-6, Tron:Legacy, Wreck-it-Ralph, Despicable Me, How to Train your Dragon1&2, Edge of Tomorrow, Mission Impossible, Naruto Movies, Meet the Robinsons, James Bond, JC Avatar, Incredibles,

Favorite Music: New Game, Final Boss, Cheat Codes(Nitro Fun); The Pressure(Stonebank); Coming Home (Nightcore); Night of Nights(Black MIDI); Time to Say Goodbye, Caffeine, Boop, Shine, Die, Red like Roses, From Shadows, This Will be The Day(Jeff Willliams); Rebirth, Canvas(Rezonate); Evaporate(Trivecta); Dynamite(Mai Kuraki); Metal Gear Solid 2,3,4 Main Theme; Hikaru Nara(Goose House); Can't Hold Us(Macklemore & Ryan Lewis); Beam(Mako); Rising Hope, Crossing Field & Courage(LisA); Protectors of the Earth & United We Stand(Two Steps From Hell) The Warrior Song(US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force versions); Immortals(FalloutBoys); Back2You, The Girl, and Collide{with Deutgen VS Splitbreed}(Hellberg); Unreal Forever(DomTheBear); SkyRocket(); Build The Cities(Karma Fields); Shoot to Thrill, Thunderstruck, Back in Black(AC/DC); Only My Railgun, Equalizer, & Future gazer(FripSide); Skyrocket(Alumomusic); Snake Eyes(Feint-MonsterCat); Hell March(Frank Klepacki); Tokyo Lights, La busqueda de lanna, & Limitless(Epic Soul Factory); Misty Mystery(Garnet Crow); Turn Up The Music(Chris Brown); Under Control(Calvin Harris); Little Wonders(Rob Thomas); Radioactive(Imagine Dragons); Counting Stars(One Republic); Burnin' Up(Jonas Brothers); Burn it Down(Linkin park); Gold on the Ceiling(The Black Keys); To a Friend[Adventure Club Remix](Alexisonfire); Chasing The Sun & Glad You Came(The Wanted); Never too Late & Time of Dying(3 Days Grace); Heartless, You Found Me, & How To Save A Life(The Fray);

Recommended Fanfic: The Hill of Swords(Gabriel Blessing), Living an Indoctrinated Dream(Aberron), Shinji and Warhammer40k(Charles Bhepin), WAO: Entering the Old World(Commissar Danno),Victory or Death(Knife Hand), Soulforged(xT-Zealot), The BLAD of RWBY and JNPR(Black Fuego), Naruto Hatake(Agent-G), React Watch Believe Yikes(UknownHero), Human Immortality Project(A.T.Fields), Journey into the Stars(SleepinEyes), Girls und Panzer: Open Warfare(HereticalShinigami), The Humans Strike Back(psykotic addiction), Chronicle(ThePhantomScribe), Games We Play(rgm0005), True Potential(DryBonesKing), Galactic Warfare Online(ArtieRoss), Call of EVA: The NERV Incident(doom357), RWBY Students of the Fourth(Hysterical Clerical Hijinks), Mass Effect: The First War(ProfFartBurger), The Tides Change Once More(Engineer4Ever), Balthazar of the BLAC(desoldeben), Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality(Less Wrong), Freelancer to Hunter(GaryOkampo), Agent Orimura(Generatedname), Fight for the Lost(Luxdragon), Oranges and Lavender(Wandering Wonderer), Hidden Guild: Silent Leaf(kingoffire1), A Commander's Path: Road To Freedom(foldguy24), Of Science and Magics(Stormwolfex), Of Science and Magics: The Side Stories(Knowledgeseeker66), White Knight(The Inner Hollow), Sword Art Online II: The Ghost in the System(Karl the Artillery Piece), The Shinobi at Magic High School(Fabuzer), Misstep in the Right Direction(Solvdrage), Dust Effect(Kriss1989), DEATH BATTLE(DeadAliveManiac), Deadliest Warrior of Fiction(Zivon96), War of the Biju: Fourth Shinobi World War(Son Kenshin), Morality Chain(Pureauthor), Halkegenia Online(zero0hero), For Tomorrow's Sake(Death Chariot), The Natural Law (Pegasai), The Z-Rays Shine Again!(KCruzer), Love, Lose, Repeat, Prioritize(xT-Zealot), Swords of the Living Dead(nanaya88), The Undying Fire(Boogum), Vanguard: Lockdown World(Desgarroth), Operation: RENFAIRE(Synaptic-Firefly), Mass Effect: Iron Hearts(Dr1ft3r0I), Red vs Blue: Reactions(UknownHero), Starcraft AU Return of the Fist(MegaAuthor), Among the Grimm Stars(TheDreamerofThings), The Battle Never Ends(Kenchi618), Operation ORIGINS(VeemonRemix), The Snow Angel and Her Knight(Serfius), Starcraft AU Tiberium Galaxy Primus(MegaAuthor), Unexpected Allies(Blue Salamander), Ragnarok VR Online(Zephryc), On The Wings Of An Eagle(FernadelDeLaFrance), KVLR(Tyrant Yoshitsuna), Embers(Vathara), Memoirs(Sharrukin), When There's Trouble(Obvious Ghost), Renegade(Peptuck), Little Knight(DarkSonicDX), Powers(xFireChickx), Semper Victoria(Katkiller-V), Starcraft AU: Tiberium Galaxy(avatar-of-kane), Sacrifice(subsider34), Inazuma Eleven the Future Generation(SnowyWolff), Bringing Out the Blue(maguena1), 12 years of war Rise of steel and nations(Dragonkingofthestars), Naruto Gokan(goNxH), Thief in The Night(AkiLynn), First Contact(Animus of Masada), Mass Effect: Interregnum(The Naked Pen), Vanguard Blue Hour(Digidramon), Red Effect(Dragonkingofthestars), Phantoms of the Present(Archon of Darkness), G.I. Joe Halo(Freedom Guard), Captured in her Eyes(White Angel of Auralon), Kidnappings(Icefriend), Fire Shadow of Fairy Tail(Paradox Jast), Crossing the River Gates: The Rubicon's Flow(Airheaded Dude), Naruto's True Nindo(Kyuubi123), Zero Hour: Defense of Shanxi(Demon Eyes Laharl), Vanguard: Nightmare Overture(Desgarroth), So Not the Dattebayo(DragonMasterFlex), Oracion Eight(Agurra of the Darkness), Eagle's Fall(CharNobyl), Affection Station(Doomguard60), When Pandora's Box Is Opened(mangaluva), Force Maelstrom(CrosZ), Final Exam(Magnusrae), A New Age(Sigma-del-Prisium), Framed(Romance addict 16), User: Uzumaki Naruto(axellon2008), Weapons Free(angelicxdiscord), Batgirl Beyond Act One(Evilness321), DCMK Crossover: Clues and Magic(lightvera16), Mass Effect: A new past(Bombsquad), Equivalent Exchange(Alabaster86), Mystery Girl( Romance addict 16), The Case of the Haywire Heist(Mirror and Image), Raised by ANBU(iFrix), Time Index(MarksmanKNG), Black Moon, White Sky(Faded-Shadows), The Daily Life of a Supreme Leader(Synaptic-Firefly), A Day In The Life(Numbuh Phenon), Operation: DOWN UNDER(Numbuh Phenon), Operation: REBOUND(Numbuh Phenon), Transformers Animated: Cybertronian Genesis(Darth T-Rex), The Spy Who Came to Kirkwall(No Country For Old Men78), The Magic Bullet Murder Case(Mirror and Image), Second Nature(lazyartisan), The Kuroba Family Secret(Himitsu Notebook), Closer(Lynns), Bending the Jutsu(Son Kenshin), Letter(Wandering Wonderer), Waters Deep(hyperpsychomaniac), Operation SEPERATION(Afalstein), Twelve Clues for Christmas(Abarero), Operation: NINJERK(Naito the Shinobi)

{All recommendations are present in the Favorite Stories list and some of these recommendations are the beginning only(because just think how long it would be if I also include the sequels to some of these, plus I have to add new sequels too). If you like it, you can find the sequels yourselves(since all that is needed is to open the author page). To be on this list the stories need to make me feel glad they exist (You can suggest stories through PM to me and if I like it enough it will be on this list.}

Reason I joined Fanfiction: Because I want to contribute my imagination to the website and maybe help inspire authors to-be. I'm also bored.

Interest: Gaming, Reading, Watching TV, Cardfighting, & Breathing

Warmach1ne32's Story Challenges (I've seen a few authors do this, but I'm not sure how effective it is, here I go)

Naruto: Jinchuriki Twins

In this Naruto AU we have 2 Kyuubi Jinchuriki. HOW?! you might ask, well Minato split the chakra of the Kyuubi in 2, the Yin and Yang. So Naruto gets the Yang chakra, like in canon(I think) and his twin (boy or girl?, recommend a girl) gets the Yin Kyuubi chakra. Now Naruto should follow similar events as canon as possible with a few differences, so no Naruto running away from Konoha. Personality wise, Naruto have Kushina's personality, while his twin gets Minato's personality. Pairings should be... believable?(have a high chance of happening and have a really good reason for happening) so NarutoxHinata is the main ship. Minor bashing is allowed, but if it get out of control and illogical then the bashing parts are going to be skipped by other readers. I'm not sure if anyone have done a Naruto fic with this formula, but is too good to not be written down. Also consider the effects of a 2nd Kyuubi container and how the other characters would react to that along with Naruto having a calm-'er' twin he wants to protect. Team structure should stay the tried and true 4 man squad with a Jonin (5 man teams are possible, but that is most likely for special cases in the lore and a cop-out in writing). So either change Team 7/8 or add a Team 9 with OCs in it.

Familiar of Solid

In this Metal Gear Solid and Familiar of Zero Cross Saito is replaced with either Major Ocelot (from MGS3), Old Snake (MGS4)turned young through magic, Big Boss (from MGS5), or (Ocelot from MGS5). I'm surprised no one has made this yet. Solid Snake has beaten Metal Gears so magic golems shouldn't be too much of a hassle. I didn't include Raiden since he is already married and couldn't survive without replacing his artificial blood, not that I don't like him. So either Solid Snake, Ocelot, or Big Boss.

Command and Conquer Vanguard (claimed)

Based in the collectible card game Cardfight Vanguard's anime, after Season 3 also known as the Link Joker Invasion. The government's of the world pretends to have lost their memory while in fact they are developing counter measures in case this happens again. Though some think that aliens from a card game are real is a bit hard to believe seeing billions of people fighting a brain washed populace due to losing a fight with the possessed along with testimonies from some of their own kids who enjoy Cardfight Vanguard they become convinced. So they asked to make a new clan based on the military of the Earth from a game as their unit base. GDI or Global Defense Initiative is the perfect role for the job, a global task force to protect the world from threats and GDI was more known than other videogame armies and could be balanced (I could have used Terrans from Starcraft but they don't have enough units for variety or isn't familiar to those who isn't into RTS, with GDI based on a futuristic real world military with some changes in design it is much more familiar to people than Starcraft Terrans). Their cover is to have EA Marketing ask Cardfight Vanguard producers, Bushiroad to help make the new clan based on the famous C&C franchise. While they initially thought it is to market their new release of the game, their CEO agreed after a behind-closed-door meeting. While it has the seal of approval it is still in it's balancing stage so select individuals are allowed to use the new cards but they have to video tape it so they can solve balancing issues with adding an entirely new clan whose abilities are increasing their attack power depending on the grade of it's target (Ex: Snipers get a 4000 power increase when attacking grade 1s) but is offset by being more fragile a majority of the time since they don't have magic and most of their units are experimental. I'm currently developing this challenge myself so if you want to make a new clan make it possible to actually happen in the lore and not just because of chance.

If you accept the challenge PM me and I'll see how you did.

Warmach1ne32's recommended franchises (anime/cartoons/documentaries/web shows/etc. that are interesting that isn't mainstream)

RWBY, Black Bullet, Aria the Scarlet Ammo, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Lord Marksman & Vandas, The Irregular at Magic High School, Secret Saturdays, Skyland, Little Battlers eXperience, Codename: Kids Next Door, Xiolin Showdown, Cardfight Vanguard, Kaitou 1412, Girlz und Panzers, Hot Wheels: Acceleracers, Inazuma Eleven, Mythbusters, Deadliest Warrior, Future Weapons, Death Battle, Honest Trailer, Epic Rap Battles of History, VSauce, Game Theory, The Gamer, unOrdinary,

Warmach1ne32's Favorite Words of Wisdom Collection

1) When in doubt, doubt as much as you can to be prepared.

2) Never underestimate.

3) Belief and seeing are often both wrong.

4) Be prepared to re-examine your reasoning.

5) Maximize Efficiency.

6) Do what you think is right, not what someone else think is right.

7) Don't believe what you're told. Double check.(Look underneath, the underneath.)

8) The best lies are half truths/ Be specific when you lie.[NCIS]

9) Stepping on people's toes may get your toes stomped in retaliation.(Someone tougher will straight up step on you, someone weaker will drop something large enough on your toes.)

10) Always listen to a Third party's opinion on a subject or problem. (Save a lot of people a lot trouble.)

11) Don't believe in coincidences, but sometimes believe in bad luck.[NCIS]

12) If you can't do something right, don't do it at all.[The Naked Pen]

13) If you want to move quickly, then go alone. If you want to go far, you'll need company.[VioletChen]

14) It pays to be lucky, but most of the time you have to make your own luck[Animus of Masada]

15) Don't make the impossible possible, but rather the make the possible practical.[Havoc-legionnaire]

16) Catch the good, ignore the bad.[Dr. Ivan Joseph]

17) No one will believe you unless you do.[Dr. Ivan Joseph]

18) Think of other people first before yourself.[Adam Liepzig]

19) Joy shared is joy multiplied. Pain shared is pain divided.[Bucue]

20) Sometimes people put up walls not to keep others out but to see who cares enough to break them down. [Atheleia]

21) Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is not the same thing as doing the right thing.[mangaluva]

22) Never hold back. Holding back is just disrespecting your opponent. It's far better to show them how strong you truly are. [Digidramon]

23) All living beings had a right to life. Freedom. Self-determination. All living beings should commit themselves to the truth. Act with caution, to do as little harm to others as possible. Behave with generosity to others.[Sharrukin]

24) Always assume the worst and learn to enjoy disappointment.[Smehur]

25) Rules and conditions are there as a guide, to make less mistakes, to allow people to proceed without looking back. That doesn't mean that they can't be broken. There are those offenders who break them on a whim, while others are forced to do it.[Tyrant Yoshitsuna]

26) If you want to banter with a natural teaser, fight back with literal fact with a hint sarcasm, they never seemed to run out of innuendos for some reason. Just throw those innuendos back at them with their literal meaning, it should help.[Tyrant Yoshisuna]

27) If money grew on trees, it would be as valuable as leaves.[WonderWhy]

28) Students grow from Masters who know when to teach and when to let students figure things out for themselves.[Airheaded dude]

29) "It is better to be hated for what you are, than loved for what you are not." [André Gide.]

30) "What friends are for, reminding you of your embarrassing past, as well as adding sarcastic commentary, and generally just being mean. What's that phrase... 'Friendship is just blackmail with consent'? Sounds bout right." [Willibaldvonsomething]

31) The ones who are usually most quiet and nice, they're usually are the ones who hold a grudge.[Tyrant Yoshitsuna]

32) A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality.[Winston Churchill]

33) Always analyze everyone and everything as a potential enemy, and know exactly what to do to take it down. That way, when and if they did turn on you, you were prepared.[Red Mage 04]

34) Nothing is white and black in this world, everything is a shade of gray, and how dark that gray is different for everyone.[FeJazz]

35) In the midst of confusion, sort out all the possible scenarios. Get the facts straight and come up with your own conclusion.[Howard blake]

36) Things don't always go according to plan. Adapt and respond appropriately to the new situation. [Howard blake]

37) Acknowledge your own skills and prowess but never get overconfident. However powerful you think you might be, even the greatest can fall.[Howard blake]

38) You need to get a view of the bigger picture to know the full extent of the situation. [Howard blake]

39) Science begins when someone stops and says, that's strange.[Sharrukin]

40) Love is always patient and kind, it is never jealous; love is never boastful or conceited, it is never rude or selfish, it does not take offense, and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins but delights in the truth; it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end.[Lynns]

41) Part of the joy of being with someone is the fun of discovering the differences and accepting and loving them for those differences. A relationship between two different people working together is so much more special than two of the exact same personalities or one being submissive to the other.[MoonStarDutchess]

42) With every evil comes a virtue that counters it.[MoonStarDutchess]

43) When you look at the eyes of the person you desire, and if you can see a future worth dying for in those eyes, then that person is the one for you. Once you find that person, never let him go.[fujin of shadows]

44) What it takes to overcome a crisis is not bravery, but a calm calculated resolve, to put everything on the line.[Darjeeling]

45) Grades were useful in telling a person where he or she excelled and needed to improve. They were usually excellent at determining aptitude in a specific field, although there were occasionally exceptions that fell through the cracks.[Pegasai]

46) Sometimes the world doesn't play fair, and some people may not care to notice. Those are the times you keep your head up high... and your middle finger higher!”[SavageDandelion]

47) "What do any of us know about right or wrong? We have our own definitions, and my definition led me in this direction."[Stormbreaker99]

48) Is a reason necessary? I don't know why you would kill someone but as for saving someone... a logical mind isn't needed, right?[Shinichi Kudo]

49) See too big of a picture and you can't make out the details.[P4Nd0RaS]

50) There was no point getting down if he could actually see the progress he was making.[BloodRed13]

51) "Nothing is true, everything is permitted. It speaks as a way that means even such an ideal can happen, even if there are facts against it, it all depends on us though. Ideals aspire us to become greater while truths make us doubt ourselves and stay the same." [GKing2100]

52) When tacticians find themselves in a stalemate, they have two choices. Either acquire a new advantage, or use what they have in new ways. The key to breaking a stalemate is to deviate from the formula, mix things up in a way that will catch your enemy off-guard, which will hopefully create a window just big enough to hit through.[DinoJake]

53) No man is an island. One pillar cannot hold up a temple. Eventually, you will be crushed under the burden you place on yourself.[Soleneus]

54) True fortune was finding good things among the bad. It made the good all the better, by brightening even the darkest moments.[Wandering Wonderer]

55) Peace through superior firepower. [psykotic addiction]

56)Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.-Timo Cruz [psykotic addiction]

57)Every great leader must embody six very important qualities. The first quality is – as you have said – strength. The second is unwavering courage. The third is belief – belief in themselves and in the people around them. The forth is the willingness to take responsibility for your decisions – no matter what the consequences may be. The fifth is empathy for and understanding of the people you lead. If you don't feel for them or try to understand them, how will you know what your people need? The sixth – and final – quality of a great leader is vision. A leader must have a clear vision of the future. Every decision they make takes them closer towards that future. [Shawny-Wong]

58) When in doubt, organize what you know, what you want to know, and figure out how to get to the second from the former.[jclong]

59) Fear is not a weakness. As long as you don't let it guide your thoughts and actions, you might say that it could be your greatest asset in a battle. After all, how can you fight harder, jump higher, or run faster if you have nothing to lose?[Howard blake]

60) To turn pain into virtue and use it to drive your way upwards, to make people see and overcome their own weaknesses, those are the strengths that separate leaders from mere men.[Airheaded Dude]

61) Strength without determination means nothing. Determination without strength is just as useless. [Snafu the Great]

62) When the student is ready a teacher will appear. [Snafu the Great]

63) We all make mistakes in our lives. And when we do, we try to make up and fix them. But some people...just ignore them and put them aside. Out of fear. Out of disinterest. Out of arrogance. But just pushing them aside will cause them to fester...and when that happens, they will come back to affect us even worse than when those mistakes first appeared. Always face your mistakes when you can. Otherwise...they will come back to hurt you. [Master Attlon]

64) People aren’t gone because they’re dead. They still live on inside of our hearts every day we are alive. So live your life in a way that would make those that have passed on proud, and never forget that they are with you. [kingoffire1]

65) In one hundred years, it won't matter how much money your bank account had, the car you drove, the type of house you lived in, or how much money you made. But what makes your life count is how you may have made a difference in the life of a child. [Lione 'Tabuukilla' Fortuna]

66) Not everybody can rule the world, and not everybody can own it. Sometimes, we just have to say 'I want to live in the world', and let other people worry about the rest. Once you do that, you understand that a lot of the fear we carry with us doesn't have any purpose; it floats away like dust in the wind. [James Golan]

67) Destiny exists. It doesn't care whether you follow it or not. It is simply a path. You can walk along the path, or you can step into the woods, and make your own. It might be harder. There could be dangers involved you wouldn't find on the safety of the path, but in the end, you will end up in a place nobody could have seen from the safety of the road. [James Golan]

68) You have only failed when you have stopped trying. [James Golan]

69) When a tactic wasn't delivering, when the enemy held against it, try something new. [Red Mage 04]

70) If there is one thing I've learned in life it's that the lessons that stick with us the most are the ones we learn for ourselves. This is one of those things you'll have to discover yourself. [The Engulfing Silence]

71) Gothic was not a way of life. It was a state of being. It wasn't acceptance of death. It was to spit in its face and wrestle worthy souls from its grip. That was the root of the word, from dark barbarian defiance. [Charles Blephin]

72) To look too far into the future leads to madness. To Hope is to be Disappointed. If you must plan, then you must define your goal and choose the paths that will lead to it. Choose the best future nearest, and see only that future. Do the steps that will lead you to that. Then the next simple outcome. And the next. Only then will you find that which you seek. [Charles Blephin]

73) The mind is like a butterfly. You can see it resting on a flower, but it leaves. It goes where it will. But it comes back to that flower again. [Charles Blephin]

74) Music is music, and must be loved where it is found. In sincere hearts and loving hands, it cannot be anything but perfection. [Charles Blephin]

75) Greatness is built on lesser things, and in day to day you will find your own glory. The defense of liberty consists of the -negative- right of warding off interference from others. To threaten someone with persecution unless he exists to a life with no goals for his own is to insult the innate dignity of a human being. It rests upon the basic ideal that people NEED sometimes to be left alone, to pursue their own lives and their own search for meaning. [Charles Blephin]

76) Positive liberty derives from the wish of the individual to be his own master. To move by one's own will, to seek out one's own goals, to achieve by his own power for his own desires. One is free in the positive - sense when oneself is in charge of one's own conduct. Negative liberty is the absence of control by others; positive liberty is more like self- control. Now, the Greater Good subordinates the first, the object of Faith makes its mark upon the second. Each may serve the Greater Good in their own way, as long as they do serve it. Faith calls upon all to live a life of virtue and truth, but in its light are moved by their own conscious decisions to do so. [Charles Blephin]

77) For it written, the only thing greater than hope is love. Hope may fade, but love is only strengthen by trials. [Charles Blephin]

78) Hatred. Despair. Desire. Ambition. The roads to Chaos are these. When your heart is chaotic, your strength is dilute. [Charles Blephin]

79) Look too far into the future and you lose the ability to affect the present. [Charles Blephin]

80) Either all life is sacred or nothing is. Either all must end up feeding another, or each has the right to struggle to be free. [Charles Blephin]

81) The secret to do quick decisions is knowing what your crew is able to do. So, don't waste time thinking about plans they won't be able to execute anyway. [SleepinEyes]

82) I was weak because I envied you. Then I was weak because I feared you. Then I was weak because you become a symbol. A symbol of my insecurities, fears and doubts. And until now I still carried these with me. I still doubted myself. But I should thank you, because you made me remember why I am doing this. [SleepinEyes]

83) Nothing is impossible if you try, but if you die, then you can no longer try.[Ashen Author]

84) Change is a gradual process, whether it is for the greater good or evil, we know not. But if we do not change, then failure is almost always inevitable. And that kind of failure, to not change under the burdening circumstances of time, is one that is always easily remedied but too late to be noticed.[Airheaded Dude]

85) Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising again.[A Silver Dolphin]

86) Words are like swords. If you use them the wrong way they'll turn into ugly weapons. Once those words leave your mouth, you'll never be able to take them back.[Detective Conan]

If you have any suggestions of adding my rules you can PM me or review my only story. I will right down who gave me the rule if I deem them worthy (If it's blank like rules number 1-10 it's mine. If there are '()' behind the rule, then it's further explanation. If it's ']' then it's someone else's rules.)

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