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Hi all,

I mainly read Harry Potter and Justice League fanfics. I guess you can add Percy Jackson and the Olympians fandom to that list. Have recently ventured into Star Wars, X-Men (movies and comics), Pokemon, and Dragon Ball Z.

Favourite Pairings:

Justice league

Batman/Wonderwoman Batman/Zatanna Batman/Other JL females

Harry Potter

Harry/Tonks Harry/Fleur Harry/Ladies of House Black

Percy Jackson & the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus

Percy/Thalia Percy/Aphrodite Poseidon/Amphitrite Poseidon/Hestia

Star Wars

Obi-Wan/Satine Obi-Wan/Padme

Dragon Ball Z


Opinion on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Books:

While the books were great and all, I could not understand why she was so lenient on the Weasleys while she completely destroyed some families like the Tonkses. I also can't fathom how Harry would have no change in study habits etc after losing Sirius and hearing the prophecy.

Also JKR did not even touch many things like the dark arts, killing by the trio and order, animagus, she made Harry win on a clutch by the elder wand while she could have made him smarter, more hard working and use his Slytherin side more which was curbed after freeing Dobby.

Also she killed off my favorite character after keeping her miserable for most of the two books out of three she appeared in, so I feel that the books could be a hell of a lot better.

My opinion on some generally bashed characters:-

Ron: Completely useless, aside from chess, jealous prick, who really has no emotional sensitivity. I cannot understand how Harry remained friends with him or how he and Hermione hooked up. Ginny: Cannot stand the fangirl, again I cannot understand how she got paired with Harry after all she barely spoke to him in the first five books. Snape: Obsessive bastard, no repentence other than the fact that his girl got killed, could have been a better human being, and a better teacher but sadly no. Bash him all you want. Dumbledore: Could have been a better mentor, could have trusted Harry to do the right thing not the easy, could have left the world in a far better condition, could have trained Harry better. In the end it was his mistakes that got so many people killed. Hermione: Could have supported Harry instead of putting him down at every turn, eg Malfoy incident in sixth year, half blood prince's spells and notes etc. Cannot see what she saw in Ron to have married him though. Lupin: Coward, hides behind his Lycanthropy, made a girl miserable for a whole year and impregnated her during a war, got her killed essentially. Was not there for Harry after his return to wizarding world, was not there after Sirius's death.


Guess, I should write something about the type of fanfics I write, the characterization I prefer. Well here goes:-

Harry: I like to keep him as close as canon Harry as possible while not being, quite simply at times, a moron. He will not have extra awesome powers from other fictions like Naruto, etc. but he will be better than in canon while staying in canon. Ron: Well some may say that I loathe everything Weasley, I frankly, cannot be bothered to contradict them!!! Hermione: She had her faults, rather awesome ones, and she was no way in Merlin's name: the smartest witch of her age, she may be bashed. A brilliant piece of writing for her characterization can be

HJG: The Smartest Witch of Her Age? (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5858832/1/HJG-The-Smartest-Witch-of-Her-Age)

Ginny: Again, same as Ron. Luna: I find her difficult to write, must be because I think she is off her rocker, sorry to all those who like her but well, to each his own.

Types of stories:

Wrong BWL: I cannot be bothered to write a usual WBWL story as is popular in fandom. These twist the characters of the Potters, Dumbledore and even Harry completely. A my type of such fic would be nissassa's OOPs!. Redo: Yep, I would write that, and Harry is going to have different traits, friends, mostly everything. What's the point if you don't change it, eh? Time Travel: Yes again, and again with deviations from canon plot; not too much though. Reading the Books: Nah, never; it is too tiresome to write characters' "interruptions" every two-three sentences and I am a lazy ass!!!

Well, that's it for now; will update again as soon as I can.

Now, I am working on a time-travel fic after Harry's fifth year, the main pairing again will be Harry/Tonks. It is inspired by 'Time gone bye' by Imaginaryfriend101 and I will try my best to complete this one.

Apart from that, I have a semi canon AU fic called "The Chosen One", this fic is based on the premise that Neville is the Boy Who Lived but Harry's parents too died in the Halloween attack that failed due to timely intervention. See Hrry as the Black family takes more interest in their heir and drags itself back from the murky waters of being a mythical power and bad name in the modern times. Piars:HP/NT, but that is not going to happen anytime soon.

Also, I have a little side project called "Remus' Mistake". It is based on the marriage of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks; Tonks gets angry at Remus not inviting harry to the wedding and things progress from there. AU and OOCness warned. Pairs: HP/NT.

And, I have adopted and started Lord Worth's "The Veiled Chance". Harry killed by Voldemort after the forest incident but finds himself in an Alternate Universe as a gift from death. He gets to be as normal as can be. Pairs: HP/NT. It can be found by the same name on my profile or here.

And I have an odds and ideas file going on called "Prompts n' Challenges".

Also, I am sure you are tired of the list just keeping on increasing, aren't you?, a Percy Jackson and the Olympians one shot called "Hestia Ponders". It is a little drabble on Hestia's thoughts as the second Titanomachy was going on and the Olympians were fighting Typhon, it is a little disoriented but smallish so that should not be a problem. Pairs: Hestia/Poseidon.


CHALLENGE: Prologue here.

After the fourth year, Tonks is ordered to go with Harry to Hogwarts and keep an eye on him, Harry is not to know about her, not until at least the end of fifth year by which time, I think, he could make significant progress in magic, and Occlumency; after it is confirmed that Umbridge would look to target him and spy for Fudge. Along the year she becomes much closer to Harry than was necessary and they become a couple, not only for the act, but she starts to have real feelings for our green-eyed hero.

After the fifth year, the fic should continue through sixth and seventh years with Tonks going to Hogwarts with Harry.

Sirius remains alive, Tonks teaches Occlumency instead of Snape. Tonks gets Harry to see the errors of his 'Quest to achieve Mediocrity'.



Sirius/Amelia Bones

Lupin/No one

Snape/No one


Cleared! Sirius, Guardian! Sirius

Powerful! Harry

Mentor! Tonks

Dumbledore: good, but misguided and manipulative.

You may or may not find a way to redeem Bellatrix.

Greedy!Goblins, kind of, mentor!Amelia Bones.

Heavy bashing on Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Molly, slight Dumbledore and Lupin bashing.

Evil! Snape and Draco (No redemption for them) It's a must...

Also, please keep the powers you give to Harry based on canon only. That means, no elemental stuff or too much wandless magic, no heir of founders stuff, except Gryffindor, if you must. No parselmagic; we all love a bit of underdog as the hero but not so much as in canon.

Update: 26 Jan 2014

I apologize for not being in touch and leaving my stories hanging but this semester in college was just plain... hectic. I will try to post next chapter of "Second Chance" this week.

Future updates, too, are going to be slow so please be patient.


Update 17 Sep 2015

Well, what to say? Nothing is abandoned... I don't know when the next update will be because . Thanks everybody for their support. I am still willing to continue, just can't find a way. Should you like, you can PM me to give some ideas.


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