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favorite types of tv shows : young justice, riders of berk , wipeout, and justice leauge, transformers prime, spiderman

favorite movies : how to train your dragon , rise of the guardians , tinker bell, transformers the movies,

favorite anime: naruto, naruto shippuden,yugioh, inuyasha, anohana, clannad, karin, angel beat, fruit basket , chibi devi ,soul eater, spice and wolf, tokyo mew mew,

websites you can find them on and more: anime 44, anime season , anime

these are some of the shows and websites i find to be interesting and fun to search hope you find something you like.

bio- i have so much fun on this website its so cool and fun ive found great storys that are sad,funny, and also really cute and every time i get a new update i cant wait to see what cooky and wakky stuff has been created i hope everyone who is on this website finds something intersting and great to occupy themselves with and also that my stories can make another person feel that way because just knowing i can make someone smile and laugh gives me great joy.hope you enjoy your time on this website its filled with lots of amazing things


thunder angel13 :-))

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