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Welcome one in all to the profile of Rose Jean Everdeen!

As you may have guessed this is not my real name, but I will NOT say what it is. I will however tell you were the name came from. First Rose in honor of Rosemarie Hathaway from Vampire Academy because she will do what it takes to protect those she loves, even if it means trying to kill the man she loves.

Next Jean in honor of Hermione Jean Granger who is very intelligent and loyal throughout no matter what the situation is and how bad things get.

The last one was tough and it was a toss up between Swan for Bella Swan who some criticize her for the way she acts sometimes but I know what it is like to have someone you all but drop off the planet and while I can and have dealt with a lot of things in my time but that pain can be debilitating and when it counts she would do anything to protect her family and friends. In the end I chose Everdeen for Katniss Everdeen because it takes a special person to do the right thing. She could have taken the easy way out and become a puppet of either the capital or the rebels, and she could have allowed a role reversal with the capital but in the end she saw the manipulations and half truths and saw that neither "leader" was better or worse than the other, they were in fact two sides of the same coin. Also after everything in the first arena and war she still can find love.

Of course I have read many books with many strong characters, both male and female, but these are the ones that have those traits that I want to emulate, loyalty, love, honor, bravery, inner strength, sight, and wisdom.

So a couple of my stories were taken off this site but never fear I will be putting them back up as I still have them on another site and I refuse to let such a popular type of story, and ones that I vow will be finished to be taken away like that as I view it as wrong. If it gets taken down again I will either put it on Weebly or facebook, basically I will make it accessible. Anyways all of my stories WILL be completed. It may take a while though, especially the reading the books stories. but bear with me as I WILL NOT ABANDON THEM!! That is my vow.

My favorite story has been taken down, I am going to put it back up. For now ALL stories are on Wattpad dot com under AshleyLynne 1120

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