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Chyler Series:

Prequel: You Belong With Me

Trilogy Love Caught Between The Ropes, (The In Code Oneshot goes on at the same time as the White Rabbit Chapter) The Sugar & Spice Chronicles, The Chance: In My Mother's Words.

One shots in no particular order

It won't be ike this for long, Freeze frame time, sunday with the cenas, WinnDixie Wallop and Bliss

The Sequel to- Love: Caught Between The Ropes !

Jax & Jenna Saga Guide:

Story Guide:

Prequel: The Blackbird She Takes Flight, When The Smoke Clears (Jax's POV) Pre- EK Drabbles Dancing & Empty Frames, Someone Like You, It Was Only A Kiss, I Ain't Got Wings (Companion to History In The Making), Did You Trade Your Heroes For Ghosts, A Pick Me Up

Everbody Knows

Missing Scenes: History In The Making (Just the end is post EK)

Sequel to EK My Empire Of Dirt (Chaptered installment)
MEOD Deleted Scenes: Love, Save The Empty

The Crow Flies Straight (Third Chaptered installment)

Fake Empire (The fourth Chaptered installment)

Murder of Crows (Final Installment- Not yet written)

Box Me Up

Future Drabbles I'll Keep On Loving You, Why Jax Teller Hates Shopping Malls, Guinevere (Piney's POV) Come Some Rainy Day. (Opie)

Ask And You Shall Recieve: A Series Q & A

A Different Kind Of Old Man. ( an AU Jax/Jenna verse Glee xover, Kurtofsky side pairing)

Last of The Reapers: AU TWD/SoA crossover

Everybody Knows:

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