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Hi! I'm ChasityGeek. I am a 21 year old female. I love reading, dancing, music, eating, travelling, spending time with family and friends.

I usually only comment when I feel it absolutely necessary. Such as, when someone as written something that could be better with a little review, but the overall characters and story line or plot is spot on OR if I'm freaking binging out on a story and *gasp* I discover its a really erotic slash. I am sorry for every hotheaded review. I usually don't read the author's notes until I'm reading for the second or third time.

I am not a fan of erotic (period) and sometimes I will realize the pairings after I'm already immersed in reading a fan fic so I do have some favorites with slash and f/m pairings in my favorites. I PREFER no pairings but I'm not you so do you and keep being freaking awesome ;)

Recently I've lost all interest in fan fics in the romance genre. It was really only a matter a time... since I detest popular romances that aren't necessarily great works of literature (cough trashy erotica).

My favorite stories and pairings (bleh) are usually--

Harry Potter : family,friendship,adventure, no canon pairings BECAUSE GINNY WEASLEY FREAKS ME OUT!! {pairing none or dramione}

-- Crossover HP-Lotr: no slash ever, but I have a few favorite stories with HP/elfin soul mate (Legolas,other).

Hikaru no Go

Naruto hina/naru sasuke/not sakura c=:

Avatar: The Last Airbender none, tough toph is Awesome *-*)

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