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Hello, I'm Nekohana. ฅ(='ω'=)ฅ

I love cats, mostly because I act like cats in my daily life. But I like dogs and other cute animals too. I love cute things.

Let's just say that I'm not good at conversation and being social in general.

Note: I used the favorites as my way of storing my favorite completed story and follow for on-going stories.

What Naruto and Harry Potter have in common:

1. The title used are their names.

2. They're orphans.

3. Red haired mother.

4. Looks like their father.

5. Group of three, 2 males and 1 female.

6. Prophecy about them before they're born.

7. "Snake" enemies who wants to be immortal (OrochiMort ;p )

8. Godfather came/appear when they're around 13yo.

9.Godfather died.

10. Married to a "secondary" character.

11. Two of the three from group are married to each other and have a daughter.

12. Both characters came from a family that has connections to "Death". The Potter family came from one of the three Peverell brothers who supposedly meet "Death" in the past, while the Uzumaki clan made a seal to call forward the power of "Death" (read: shinigami) that will show a translucent figure of the supposedly "Death" when used.


If taking account of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" :

1. Their sons hate them.

2. The "snake" enemy has kid(s).

Orochimaru is unexpectedly seems to be quite a good dad though

Yeah, those. Maybe there are more that I just don't know or can't remember right now.

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