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You'll find a little bit of everything. I enjoy het, both m- and fem- slash and gen. I'm a big fan of ambiguous and yet undeveloped relationships; friendships that may or may not have a dash of romance, rivalries with some underlying unspoken tension and, of course, romantic and/or sexual relationships built on something else. Many of my ship and gen fics alike toe the line, so keep that in mind. I've gone back and added better warnings to some old stuff, but I really need to do so again as it's been years and I've learned and changed a lot since then. I intend to do some editing some time soon, but we all know intention isn't magic.

On the off chance that anyone cares...

I'm a thirty-two-year-old queer lady. My birthday is November 20, and I love to get random email almost as much as I love to get reviews.

Words of wisdom:
- If it's not done once, it can't be done twice.
- Didn't come from Chicago? It's not Chicago-style pizza.
- Never put off till tomorrow what can be done the day after.

I'm Anzu's Eighteenth Angel
Here be my old
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