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Name: Jake Daniels

Age: If everything goes according to plan, this is irrelevant.

Nationality: American

What am I going to write? That depends on what ideas I think of and whether I know enough about the story to not completely butcher it with a fan fiction.

For now, the things I've considered are Naruto, The World Ends With You, Borderlands, and Kingdom Hearts.

Okay, so after trying to write a second chapter for Reasons to Stay Alive for almost two months and not getting anywhere really, I've kind of given up on the story as it is, and will be editing the first chapter in the future, then continuing from there.

In the mean time though, I have been able to think of and or start five other Naruto-based stories, as well as a Borderlands 2 one.

For Naruto:

Chi Gizuna: Naruto, from a young age finds that he has a special ability that allows him to leave the village with nobody knowing of it. Years later, Naruto comes back and sees what fun he can have now.

The Great Getaway: After all of their ordeals, Team 7 just gives up and leaves Konoha as a whole, and just allow themselves to relax. That's the plan, at least.

Welcome to the Game!: After Naruto's death, Sakura and Sasuke go back in time to make his life better, but an unforeseen circumstance makes the situation much more difficult.

Keep a Secret, Teme: Naruto was unconscious and defenseless after his battle at the Valley of the End, making him a very easy target for kidnapping.

For Your Highness:Naruto has been living a lie for quite some time. Quite a few, actually, because in the end, does anybody even know the real Naruto?

For Borderlands 2:

A Functioning Nutcase:When Jack was defeated, a very large group of workers were left without jobs and filled with wishes of revenge. Gaige doesn't get out of it cleanly.

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