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Hey ! :D

First Name: Patricia

Last Name: Wroblewska

Vietnamese Name:Pham thi quynh anh

Date of Birth: 31 December 1998

Gender: Female

Born in: Poland

Currently Living in: Great Britain

Brain Grade: B


Height: Don't know :p Small

Skin ToneWhite to Light Brown

Eye Colour: Light brown

Hair: Golden Brown, medium length


I am sporty,Warm-hearted, conscientious.Tend to put the needs of others over my own needs. Feel strong sense of responsibility and duty. Value traditions and security. Need positive reinforcement to feel good about themselves. Well-developed sense of space and function. Sometimes Hot headed :p

Something About Me

Likes: Football, Reading And Watching Naruto, Drawing,Singing (even though i cant), dancing when no one is around, cooking, Exercising,Eating ;)

Dislikes: annoying people, Toothaches, arguing for no reason, stupid comments about my height and personality, 2 faced *tches,boys who think that they can get any girl, PERVETS ermm I can't think of anything else so i think that's it :)

My Hobbies football,reading,swimming,singing,drawing

Favourite FoodMy dad's cooking :p

I think that is it about me ;) Thank You For your time :)

"Deadly kunoichi 5" is One of my favourite fan fictions :) If you love stories about naruto kunoichis the this is the fanfic for you :D it's not one of those where they feel weak leave koniha village and they come back super strong I think that the storyplot of DK5 is better and more intresting :). If You want to read it, then I will post the link here : The author of the story Is blackjak345

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