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Totally in love with books. End of. I write because my imagination is too wild to stay put in my head. Some of what I write might end up on here, if I like it. I hope you do :)

Things I am completely obsessed with:

-Harry Potter (I'm a Gryffindor and apparently the living embodiment of Hermione Granger- I even have the hair)

-Merlin (I have seen every episode about 20 times except the last one because it's insanely sad and I cried far too much)

-Doctor Who (Tenth doctor is my absolute favourite)

-Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices (insert fangirl scream and sobbing here)

-Sherlock (Moffat, if you happen to be reading this then AIR SERIES 3 NOW)

-Being Human

-Lorien Legacies (but not the film because that was awful- don't even get me started on the casting...)

-Lab Rats (LBozzie's fault)



-Heroes (watched all of series 1 in four days)




-Red Dwarf (it may be old but it is awesome)

-Divergent (abnegation/dauntless)


-Star Trek (I actually cried during Into Darkness)

-Star Wars (I'm a nerd, I know)

-Perks of being a wallflower (best book ever, not including HP of course)


-The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

-Hitchhikers (don't panic, always know where your towel is and never, ever listen to Vogon poetry)

Facts about me:

-I'm aiming for medical school

-I want to live in a library (no, really, I do, even if there wasn't a bed or anything)

-I cannot cook to save my life

-I am a technophobe and break/crash every electrical item I get my hands on

-I love MCR, Imagine Dragons, Bastille and Mumford and Sons

-I play the flute, ukulele and 1 1/2 chords on the guitar

-I support The Erythromelalgia Association- please check it out, it's an important charity

-I'm very shy, but I'm working on that

-I'm a massive optimist (sorry not sorry)

-I actually like Shakespeare (yep, nerd, I know)

-I like cycling, swimming and I'm a green belt at kickboxing (be afraid)

I hope you like what I've written, please review the ones you like and I love constructive criticism :)


Summer x

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