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YaoiTora_Chan is an American writer of fanfiction works. She is known for her creative stories such as Jinchuuriki and Daddy's Little Sunshine. Her friends and fans are her influences. The author supports same sex relationships and is never prejudice or bigoted towards them. Most of her fanfiction of characters having same sex relationships. YaoiTora_Chan's goal in life is to live despite the hardships writing fanfiction has put her through. Still she pushes herself to do better.

Fun fact: YaoiTora_Chan's favorite same sex pairing is SasuNaru even though is not canon. (One of YaoiTora_Chan's favorites)

Completed on 7.07.16 the fanfic A Slayer's Confidant is one of YaoiTora_Chan's most popular fanfiction books. This fanfiction is a SasuNaru Yaoi pairing with an element of a different anime called Betrayal Knows My Name. It is available on and . Another fanfiction that is very popular is Daddy's Little Sunshine. This is a NaruSasu fanfiction where Naruto is a single father who is in love with Sasuke. This fanfiction is still ongoing and when it will be completed is still unknown. It is also available on , .

YaoiTora_Chan does not own any of the following anime:

Naruto MasashiKishimoto

BetrayalKnowsMyName Hotaru Odagiri

Black Butler Yana Toboso

Owari no Seraph Takaya Kagami

Bleach Tite Kubo

Servamp Strike Tanaka

Yaoitora will hopefully write more varieties of fanfictions from different animes :)

Interact with the author:

Ao3: Ask in private message for my username on Ao3

Tumblr: Ask in private message for my Tumblr.

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