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I am your stereotypical author who will stay up late into the night writing.

It's a bad idea to write multiple fanfictions at once, but I kind of gave up on trying to stop.

I'm back! Hopefully. I am working on multiple things right now, including an original novel, so yeah. I will first work on Young Justice with a little bit of the revised She Knew Him on the side until I finish those two. After that, I will finish The New Team, followed by Avatar: The Purge. I want to finish A New Day, A New Galaxy, but I don't know if that will realistically happen. If I can't finish it, I'll either have someone adopt it, or post a general overall outline of the rest of the fic. S

I am mainly a Young Justice writer because that is what I find easiest to write. I am sorry if I write a whole bunch of DickxOC stories, but again, it seems easy to me. If you want me to write a story about something else, PM me the idea and I'll mull it over.

On another note, I am currently trying to branch out into other fandoms, hence A New Day, A New Galaxy. Wish me luck!

I fell really horrible when I start something, the first couple chapters are a hit, so I can't take them down without feeling guilty and I don't want to just leave stuff hanging. I will start a lot of stuff, but it will finish eventually. So statuses on current fanfictions...

Currently on Hiatus

Young Justice- AU, what if the Reach had succeeded in taking over the Earth and the Team failed? Earth is nothing more than a production planet; humanity is enslaved to work from dawn until dusk. Metahumans are taken away in the middle of the night to join the ranks of the Reach if they survive the experiments upon them. Only a handful of the richest still have some remnant of their easy life before, but they are constantly forced to reinvite the Reach every year. But Joan Hayes still has hope. Because there are rumors. There are rumors of a secret team fighting back. A team called Young Justice.

She Knew Him (Revised)- Kyara met César a year before the Nanite Event during her first year at Abysus University. After their first meeting, they quickly grew close to one another. However, after the Event, Kyara continued through her life for the next seven years believing the love of her life was dead. She has her own son, Rohan, now. Weeks after the Cure Event, however, Rohan falls deathly ill. The only way to save is to reactivate his nanites. As Kyara kidnaps Rex, she runs into a very much alive César. César only has one question while Kyara has zero. And then when Van Kleiss kidnaps Rohan, will Kyara be able to put aside her pain long enough to save her son? Will César be able to change Kyara's mind?

A New Day, A New Galaxy- The crew of Destiny wake up burned and hurt on the other side of the galaxy. As a new alien race, the Sakauri, give them a way to get home, what will Dr. Rush say to all of this? Will he fight for Destiny? Will he continue his journey and mission on his own? Ginn and Amanda come back, but will that lead to more trouble for a certain Eli Wallace? Will the Descendants they meet ever find their own way home? (Warning: I might take this down to rewrite it as soon as I have time.)

Avatar: the Purge- SYOC,when bending first came into the world, benders were revered. But as more and more of the population becomes benders, they are now met with fear and hatred. As Zahn, one of the first few Avatars in the world, finds out what it means to be the Avatar, she will meet a whole new array of people all while running away from the Earth King who wants her dead like all other benders. Follow to watch the creation of the Fire Nation, the start of the Water Tribes, and the building of the Air Temples. Watch as the Earth Kingdom finds out who really makes up the majority of its people. Find out what really causes the world to turn round.

The New Team- SYOC, after the Team joins the ranks of the League, a new group of teenagers will come together against all the odds to fight a new threat that had risen. There is the leader, the Phoenix, who struggles with being the strong leader she needs to be. There is Bloodhound, who fights the new world he finds himself in. Iris, the Kid Flash who is always trying to win her father's approval. Alice, who longs to connect with someone but fears of betrayal. Natasha, who fears falling in her mother's old footsteps. As this team all deals with their own inner demons in their own ways, they must find away to bond to one another and be the team they know to fight the infamous Hell Squad, the successor of the Light, or will the infighting between themselves destroy everything they love and hold dear to they hearts?

By the way, I am always open to suggestions! I love hearing what people think should happen next, and quite often, it helps me with my writer's block. So please! Send in suggestions!

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