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Hi everyone I'm glad, I join FacFiction it's so awesome.

Name: Johnny aka Fox King jm

Other names: (Fox_king_jm on ps3 and ps4 I.D.), Johnny Fox, Fox, Fox King, the Fox Yonko (Emperor), Fox Hero, Chocolate Fox, Dragon-Fox, JohnnyxNaruto, the artist, the man with many ideas, the one who's imagination is limitless, the Fourth Sage, The Unyielding Fox Monster, The loser who hates to lose, The Giver of many stories, the King of Fantasy, the King under the mountain, Samurai Hero, the Naruto-Messiah, Naruto's favorite, the Uzumaki-Fox Sage who gives and gives more, a man who believes in God and Jesus (which I do), the Son of Suns, Naruto Lover, Anime fanatic, a man who loves, the man who always dreams, the PlayStation man, Orochi's slayer, Titan slayer, Trophy-Hunter, Kingdom-Hearts' champion, Final Fantasy's champion, God of War's champion, Samurai Warriors' champion, Overwatch's new Hero, and many more names.

Age: 21 and getting older lol.

Gender: male

I'm also, half Black and half Mexican. I'm a PlayStation-player, an artist, Naruto-fan, Anime Freak, a FanFiction author, and an awesome guy.

Other places where you can found me: Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart, Pateron, and YouTube. Also, I have three twitter accounts, so you guys won't be confused.

@Fox_King_jm (Where I do social media and stuff.)

@Foxxx_KING_JM (I usually post most of my Hentai on this account.)

@Foxxx King JM (I have this account just in case my other one gets banned or something. I'm going to post comics and other stuff.)

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAaiuqj-hBJkOtMZfcHpTxw

My likes: Naruto, Bleach, One-Piece, DBZ, Soul Eater, any cool anime, playing ps3 and ps4, Video games, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, writing a good story, my family, going to college, sodas, lemons, good music, mangas, books, and drawing anime.

My dislkes: People, who look and talk down to others, people who think they are better then, other people. Yoai and Yuri (nothing against the gays or lesbians) spoiled barts, a bad ending that sucks so hard, flamers, shit stories, retard Fanfic authors that think they know better than me or tell me what to do, and writer's block. -_-

Lemons or Futa it's all good to me. I'll read almost anything, but hardly review, unless if it catches my interested.

Drawing for life, till I die. May anime live on

If there is a story I don't like, then I don't read it or bash you for it. I will not read anything with Sakura, even if it's a good story. Even though, there are some stories I hate, I have to let it go. "Almost."

My Lemon/Drawing rules

1. I do not do rape "It's disgusting."

2. I do not do Yoai "Just, no..."

3. I do not do Yuri Stories "I will start doing some Yuri in my Futa and other stories."

4. I do not do scat or anything that is disgusting to me. "Believe me if some of you readers don't know what that is, you don't want to find out."

5. I don't do male gender benders. "Unless if I want to. But I only really do Female-Kurama in my stories."

6. I do not write Naruto x Sakura or Naruto x Kariu lemons. "So don't ask."

7. I do not do tentacles. "But if's there is a monster girl is with Naruto, like an Octopus-girl, then I'll allow it."

8. Naruto is the only man I use in my lemon stories and other stories. "Maybe I might used Boruto in the future, haven't really decided yet. And if you ask something like with Sasuke or Ay, I will drop kick in your teeth. I swear on my grave, nothing pisses me off more than some moron, writing disgusted shit like that."

9. If you want me to do a story, we must talk and agree to my conditions.

10. If it is a request, tell me how you want and so on.

11. Furries are allowed. (Tell me, names, sizes, and what type of animal and so on: Pokémon are allowed too)

12. "I will add some more rules in the future."

Me and the Three Unifiers

As I got older, I become more into reading, gaming, and always loved to draw. I am a man who wants to make the world a bit of a better place. It will take time, and I will do everything in my power to do so. I am like the Three Unifiers of Japan. Though I'm Black and Mexican, I've always was interested in many worldly culture from fantasy and myth to people that left their names in the pages of history. I but you're wondering how am I like the Three Unifiers of Japan? I'll tell you. Like Nobunaga Oda, I am a man of ambition, I'm interesting in other cultures, and like Nobunaga, I can be a raging beast if angered or insulted. There were a few flamers I put in their place, and never bothered me again. And like Nobunaga, I am someone not to be taken lightly. However, I can be forgiving, there was a time when a few people wronged Nobunaga, and he used their skulls as Saki-cups. That's one line, I would never cross. Like Hideyoshi Toyotomi, I'll use force and the best tactics to win in video-games, or in my stories. Of course, like Hideyoshi, I can also be a sweet talker at times, but I can be someone you can count on. And most of all, I am like Ieyasu Tokugawa, I am patience and clavier at the same time. I'm not called a Fox for nothing. Like Ieyasu, I'm someone who endures life, no matter the hardships. My life has only began, and there will be many more hardships ahead, but as long as I have God, my family and friends, and people who support me now and in the future, I will endure and I will make my dreams come true and will make people happy that is the path I walk. Thank you, everyone who supports me.

Me and Naruto

Here's an article about me, Johnny aka Fox King jm, and the one and only Naruto Uzumaki. There was this one guy that told me to do stories with other characters instead of Naruto. However, I will not, he's a brat who knows nothing about me or my love for Naruto. For my fans, I will tell you why I favor Naruto more than any other anime character. There are a few things I have in common with Naruto. I'll tell our differences first. First, me and Naruto like nothing a like, I have black hair, while Naruto's is blonde. I have brown eyes, and Naruto has blue eyes. Naruto is a Ninja from a factional world, while I am just a man in the real world. I have a family since I was born, while Naruto had nothing in the beginning of his life, but later made his dream come true and have a family of his own. And one day I'll make my dream come true as well. Naruto maybe a factional character, but he's a better person than me, and some other people and characters I know. Well, here is what we have in common; we both did not have special skill when we were children, and we had to work for our talent, Naruto as a Ninja, and me as an artist. Like Naruto, I am not very smart due to the fact I have a learning disability, and ADD. But me and Naruto make up for it, Naruto for his kindness, and me for my many ideas that I can share with the world. We both endure, like Naruto who lost his Master and friend, I lost a few family members, a really cool teacher, and a family friend. Like Naruto, he trains to better himself, while I learn to overcome my disability. Me and Naruto made a lot of mistakes, from missing up in Ninjustu, and me from grammar issues. Finally, like Naruto, there are people who support me, and stay by my side. Sure, people say Naruto isn't the best anime, or just hate Naruto just to bring hate and hurt others, however, no matter what or what people say, Naruto Uzumaki will always have my favor, now and forever. And I thank God, that I live in a world where Anime excises. Thank you.

My favorite Naruto Characters:

Naruto Uzumaki, Menma (R.T.N), Kurama/Kyuubi, Nagato, Tobi/Obito Uchiha, Hashirama Senju, Madara Uchiha, Hagoromo Ōhtsutsuki aka Sage of the six paths, Hamara Ōhtsutsuki, Killer Bee, Gaara, Kakashi Hatake, Danzo Shimura, Darui, Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, Hidan, Kakuzu, Zabuza Momochi, Haku, Yamato, Kushina Uzumaki, Tsunade, Samui, Kaguya Ōhtsutsuki, Hinata Hyuga, Fuu, Konan, Mei Terumi, Anko Mitarashi, Ino Yamanaka, Tenten, Yugito Nii, Tayuya, Karin, Mabui, Shizune, Shion, Amaru, Koyuki Kazahana, Ryuzetsu, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Shisui Uchiha, Sai, Rin Nohara, Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, Mitsuki, Omoi, Orochimaru, Kabuto Yakashi, Jiraiya, Shizuka (Filler), Temari, Might Guy, Rock-Lee, Chocho Akimichi, Shin Uchiha (clones), Roshi, Han, Yagara, Utakata, and Kurotuschi.

My favorite Bleach Characters:

Ichigo Kurosaki, Zangetsu, Byakuya Kuchiki, Kisuke Uarhara, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Kenpachi Zaraki, Hanataro Yamada, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Jushiro Uiktake, Shunsui Kyoraku.

(I need to finish my list for Bleach.)

My favorite One-Piece Characters:

Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Tony-Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, Brook

(I need to finish my list for One-Piece.)

My favorite RWBY Characters:

Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long

(I need to finish my list for RWBY)

My favorite Overwatch Characters:

Tracer, Soldier:76, Reaper, Genji, McCree, Pharah, Sombra, Bastion, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Junkrat, Mei, Torbjorn, , Orisa, Reinhardt, Winston, Roadhog, Zarya, Ana, Mercy, Luico, Zenattya, Symmetra, Doomfist, Moria, Brigitte, Wreaking-Ball, and Ashe.

Characters I strongly dislike (Hate!) and reasons why: (This article has strong language, you have been warned.)

Sasuke Uchiha: I hated this emo since the beginning of Naruto. Just because you're elite and crap doesn't mean a damn thing! He always talks down to Naruto, always thinking he's better than he is. Sure, Naruto isn't perfect, but he's kind and always there when you need him. Sasuke is none of those things! And special eyes, is overrated for this bastard and I'm not sorry for my language for this faggot, fucker doesn't deserve to be with any girl! Stupid people say that I'm wrong, then they can go and slap themselves, and suck a giant camel dick. I swear if you do have a problem with me, I will destroy you. And other authors who write stupid shit with Sasuke and Kushina or Sasuke and Hinata, just delete your shit stories. Stories like that are disgusting and should not be in the first place. I swear, it just pisses me right the fuck off. It's bad enough there are Hentai pictures of that cancerous bullshit, but stories as well. "Fuck that!" But the good thing about that, is that I'm not the only one who thinks Sasuke is the world's biggest asshole with the world's smallest dick. Stories like that are just a type of cancer that needs to be cured, and that cure is me. I'm not trying to brag, I'm just telling the truth. I just straight up hate this fucking bitch, and everything he is. What is it that people see in this sorry excuse for an Anime character?! One of these days, I'm going to destroy Sasuke, and every anime character that does others the wrong way. And if there are some people still thinking that Sasuke is better than Naruto, think again. Naruto was getting stronger, and there were times when Sasuke was jealous of Naruto. Talk about being a complete overconfident and full of himself brat. But what I hate most about Sasuke is that he wanted to kill Naruto. What kind of friend would kill his friend? Power and revenge? That's just straight up sad and pathetic. I will hate him till the day I die!

Sakura Haruno: Oh, Jesus Christ in Heaven help me! This bitch is the worst! I hate everything she does and says to Naruto, always thinking she knows what's best. This bitch was so stupid that she tried to attack Madara all by herself, and got stabbed. And she had the nerve to think about Sasuke so called "Sasuke-kun isn't worried about me..." crap. I will not lie, she's not worthless, she's just stupid. Just stupid... And in the Road to Ninja movie, she said "Why is it that you're here with me? I wish that Sasuke was here with me..." When I heard that, I just wanted nothing more than to jump in the TV and slap the hell out of that bitch. It's funny, thinking of a piece of shit that tried to kill you. It's just sad, and funny. I guess Sakura got what she wanted. I'm so happy that Sarada is nothing like Sasuke or Sakura. I will foverer hate this stupid girl. Oh, and NaruSaku fans, your ship has gone down into the deepest sea. Like that one episode when Sakura said, "I said I love you, Naruto." That lie was so bad, you didn't need Sharingan or Byakugan to see through that bullshit. Then I was saying, "Why the fuck you lying? Why you always lying? Oh my God! Stop fucking lying!" Do I need to say more, people?

Ay Fourth Raikage: Where do I start with this weak excuse for a man? Well, I hate him thinking that he's the faster, and him thinking power is everything. He's nothing! "Action and Power is what a Shinobi should respect...?" Ha! What a joke! He's the one talking about action and power, says the worthless bitch who had to chop off his own arm. That's not the only reason why I hate this nigger "I'm black, so I can say it." He tried to kill Naruto not once, but twice. In the main story, and in The-Last, while Naruto and his team were still up in the moon fighting Toneri. Naruto was the one who stop the war, and saved everyone from being turned to White-Zetsus for the love of God. And this fucker wants to kill Naruto after all he's done?! Naruto and his friends have done way more than this stupid nigger in the series. I swear, this fucker is fucking cancer, my hatred for him equals Sasuke's. Even stupid stories, or hentai stories with this nigger pisses me off more than anything like with Sasuke. Tsunade x Ay is bullshit. Kushina x Ay is bullshit. Hinata x Ay is bullshit. Anything with FanFiction or Hentai and with Ay is absolute bullshit. Just a big fat no. And there are times when some idiot would have Hentai pictures with this nigger, and the emo. And I told myself, "I'm going to kill them." Another hard-headed worthless excuse for a man.

C: This dude is rude, calling Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato Konoha-Dogs. The only dog I see was him. And a weak little dog, to boot. He's just a weakling who talks big, and gets defeated easily. Just another weakling. Enough said.

Karui: Once again, I'm black, so don't get the wrong idea about me. I hate this bitch for beating Naruto. Sure, he said he'll take her anger out on him, but damn, I wanted to hit this stupid black-bitch. I'm grateful that Sai and Omoi stop her from hitting Naruto more. If I was in Naruto, I would have knock this bitch right the fuck out, and I don't care if she is a girl. I'm also happy that Chocho isn't anything like this bitch, either, I said enough.

Kiba Inuzuka: I didn't really have a problem with this guy, till the Chunin exams act. The Naruto vs Kiba, and this yipping dog is already talking shit, thinking he's going to win. Yeah, Naruto's loud, but this guy is louder and annoying. I was so happy when Naruto kick slammed his face into the ground with Uzumaki barrage. Oh, and that one filler episode with Kiba and his mom trashing his breakfast was awesome. And Tusme talking highly of Naruto, I said, "She wants that young Uzumaki D!" XD Well, I guess I don't really hate, I just think he's annoying.

Minato Namikaze: I bet you guys reading this are wondering why I hate Minato. I'll tell you and I'm not going to cuss. He maybe a splendid Ninja, but he's a weak excuse father. What kind of man would choose a village who treated Naruto like trash, over his own child. I remember in one episode of Naruto, when Sasuke was talking done to Naruto, which made me anger, while Minato was praising Sasuke's wits and battle plan. I'm sure Kushina would have been real happy if she found out what you were thinking, Minato. I'm happy when Naruto first met Minato, he punched him in the stomach. Very will deserve. Oh, and don't think I'm saying this if you think I have father issues because I don't. I have a wonderful relationship with my dad. Sometimes, I really don't know much, and if choosing your own child over your ungrateful village is a Ninja's way, then they can have it. If there's one good thing Minato did, is give us a real Hero. That's all I have to say.

Overwatch Players: Don't get me wrong, I love Overwatch, but there are times when people can be toxic because you choose a character that you like, sometimes the team will have fight with each other, a stupid kid will that you, you suck at this game, or tell you to be a healer. These kids need to back the fuck up, I've been playing video-games when they were still inside their fathers' balls-sack. And there are times when you do have good teammates, and the other team would kick my and your asses, when playing in Competitive-Play. Sometimes I can get mad as well, but it's just a game, people. Also, if you don't play as a team, you'll lose as a team.

(I will finish this list later.)


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